Learning the Roundhouse Kick

Wow, what a long day.

But, what a great workout.

She may be making the worst face ever, but damn, look at that body.

Today, I met with my trainer (who I love to death and pushes me to go harder and lift heavier weights than I ever imagined) and she decided to switch up our normal weight routine with boxing. Cue 50 minutes of punching and kicking the pads she wore on her hands. This is one of my favorite and best workouts in my opinion. While I love fitness classes that mimic boxing, it is not quite the same as actually making contact with an object. For those 50 minutes I was able to let go and focus on breathing and punching and kicking with technique and with all my might. However, actually being able to do this requires you to have someone willing to let you punch and kick pads on their hands, making it less than ideal for those without access to a trainer (I also don’t recommend doing it unless you have received proper technique on how to punch and kick, even if very simplistic, because it is such a different feeling for your body hitting something).

However, an exercise that I did take away that can be easily incorporated and help you later is the predecessor movement to the roundhouse kick.

This is the best picture I could find in order to show you what you should be doing to do the exercise. It’s easier to focus on your technique if you do this next to a wall and put your hands on the wall. Turn the foot not kicking to a 90 degree angle facing outward. Place the other foot behind it (normally your left foot is in front and your right behind)

Like this above for feet placement, but for this move have the left foot at the 90 degree angle.

Now this is where it gets complicated.

Lift your knee up and to the front and kick out with a pointed toe.

Don’t expect to get this high, but this is a good diagram to show what you should do.

For this practice exercise instead of letting the kicking foot down, bring the foot back towards your butt and then kick out again.

Switch sides and do the other leg (normally you would do a switch kick, a mini jump to switch which foot was forward, but for this exercise you can just change the position)

I hope this is helpful! It is great for your core and hips and glutes! That’s what I am feeling it now!

Other than that today was filled with lots and lots of protein, in the best possible way. I am finishing up my protein smoothie now. Right now I am trying my first protein out. It is Optimum Nutrition HyrdoBuilder, chocolate flavor. Not too bad with some skim milk and a banana!

I also made boyfriend a Valentine’s day card, which I will reveal soon. Let’s just say it’s terribly nerdy.

Okay, bed now, for real. But, tomorrow is FRIDAY!

So, something to make you laugh: (you will slowly learn how much I love Harry Potter)



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