It’s Thursday Already?

I am so so sorry for being absent for the past couple of days, everything sped up and well, to put it simply, today was the first day since Monday that I actually have seen the sun.

However, I managed to squeeze in a 5am session with my trainer on Tuesday morning, and boy, did it rock my world. I am still feeling it right now. I am not normally a morning person. I like love to sleep. It’s one of my favorite things, so I was very skeptical that I would be able to wake up, let alone enjoy my session. However, I woke up ready to go and pushed through it, and it helped me power through the day with way more energy than normal. Plus, when I got home later that night it was nice to be able to enjoy it and not have to go to the gym. Although, I almost did fall asleep during my shower.

Oh, and before I get into the workout I did, Happy Valentine’s Day! For those looking for some more mushy stuff, I will have some to share tomorrow whenever my boyfriend comes into town.

Feel free to use different weights, but push yourself to do more and lift heavier! I used to do weights that I felt comfortable with but since I have pushed to weights where I notice a burn beginning in the middle of a set I’ve seen more muscle definition. Just don’t strain yourself and know your limits, if you can’t make it through the first set without stopping, go down a bit.

Group 1: Repeat 3 times

1. Using a 5 pound weight in your hands, sit on the Bose ball, lean back, stand up and lift the weight over your head. x 15

2. Put one leg on the Bose ball and lunge while using 8 pound dumbbells to do a shoulder raise to the side. x 15 per leg

3. Sit on the Bose ball, lean back, lift your legs off the ground, and do Russian twists with a 5 pound weight. x30

4. If your gym has them, use the ropes to make waves for 30 seconds. Alternate during each set to do different types of waves. The three I used were: oscillating small waves rapidly, larger waves that coincided with squatting down and making the waves simultaneously, cross the ropes side to side over each other

Group 2: Repeat 3 times

1. One leg on Bose ball, other on the ground in a wide stance, holding 25 pound weight, squat. x15 per leg

2. Stand on Bose ball, bicep curl to shoulder press, 8 lb dumbbells. x15

3. Plank with forearms on the Bose ball instead of the ground. 45 seconds

4. Ropes again!

Group 3: Repeat 2 times

1. 45 pound bar, placed on the meaty part of your back/shoulders; squat x 15

2. 45 pound bar, upright row x 7

3. …more ropes!!!

I will look into finding something to replace the ropes since those may be harder to find at your gym!

Warning: I also ran 2 miles afterwards that may have really cemented the burn in my legs.

I hope you all enjoyed your Valentine’s Day, whether with someone or not…and tomorrow is Friday! Let me know how you feel after this workout or if you need an explanation of the exercises!


2 responses to “It’s Thursday Already?”

  1. kaityscooking says :

    i use to neverrrrrrrrrr be a morning person and loved working out at night. Once i started going though the days I have to go later in the day kill me because i just love having it over before my day begins! def keeps me energized too!

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