Friends Don’t Let Friends Skip Leg Day

Before beginning, I wanted to share a picture of the beautiful flowers Jeremy got me for Valentine’s day. Since we are trying to be good with eating and I don’t like stuffed animals, flowers were perfect. And, he always gets me lilies since he knows how much I dislike roses. Now they are sitting right by my bed so that I wake up to them every morning.


Now, today’s workout was killer. I am sitting on my couch right now, legs aching and sore. I resolved to start picking my cardio back up too to help the weight loss, so we will see how that goes this week!

Group 1: Repeat three times

Walking lunges with 12 pound medicine ball, twisting with the ball over the leg lunging (I think I did about 20 on each side but picking a spot and going to it is probably the easiest way to do it)

Squat with bar: 55 pounds (this was really pushing me to the max, but my trainer decided to up the weight and I powered through) – 15 reps

Delt fly using the TRX machine (I tried to find pictures but this video really is much better at demonstrating the move) – 15 reps

Grab a pair of dumbbells (I had 12 pounds) run up a flight of stairs carrying them and on the way back down the stairs continue doing bicep curls with the dumbbells – 6 reps

Group 2: Repeat twice (or if you’re brave a third time)

Russian twists with 12 pound ball – 15 reps each side

  • Bonus move: I had my trainer to help me, but you can do it by yourself. To begin my trainer tossed me the medicine ball, which I would catch and touch the floor on the other side with. To do by yourself, toss in the air, catch, and touch the floor on the other side with the ball.

Delt fly with 25 pound weight in each hand – 8 reps; keep a flat back!

Deadlift with bar, 55 pounds – 15 reps

Box jumps using stacks 3 high, but you can really use anything to jump onto. The key here is to take off and land with slightly bent knees! – 15 reps

I then attempted to run a couple of miles…but failed and decided to walk at a very brisk pace for 30 minutes. I alternated between going as fast as I could walking and walking on an incline. It definitely did the trick! When you’re feeling tired or sore, walking instead of running is a comparable exercise and will help stretch out sore legs!

I finished the day with a very simple and easy to make meal since I was so exhausted. Grilled cheese using Ezekiel bread and cheddar cheese and some of Nature’s Promise’s Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup! Absolutely delicious, quick, easy, yummy.

grilled cheese and soup

Hope those of you that had today off enjoyed it! Now time to get settled in and ready for the Biggest Loser


One response to “Friends Don’t Let Friends Skip Leg Day”

  1. kaityscooking says :

    that looks like agreat workout.. leg day is the best! i love that sore feeling of my butt and legs the day after, really feels i put in some hard work! hate box jumps. i can do them home but at the gym seeing myself in the mirror confuses me and makes me trip haha

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