The Attitude to Have About Losing Weight

First off, I have a major girl crush on Jennifer Lawrence, and no wonder when she says such inspiring things. For me, this journey is not about getting skinny, it is about feeling comfortable in my body and feeling confident. I want to feel sexy and I want to feel good. I like that I can already see muscles emerging and that is far better than feeling skinny any day. I don’t just want to lose weight, I want to gain muscle. I want to find the right size for me even if that’s not stick thin, especially if it’s not because I have curves and hips and a butt and am well endowed and I love it. Those parts of me will only look better on a fit body. I love eating, but I am learning about portion control and how to eat all those bad things for me in small doses because gorging and overindulging never makes me feel good afterwards. I swear I have an addiction to sweets and so for me it’s not about entirely kicking that habit, but it’s learning that maybe I shouldn’t have a dessert after every meal or even every day. Sweets are a treat and are meant to be treated that way.

For me, I want to get fit, for myself, for my future, for my well being.


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2 responses to “The Attitude to Have About Losing Weight”

  1. kaityscooking says :

    i love jennifer lawerence too, everything she says is always just right and so relatable! im glad you are doing everything for the right reasons too often people get sucked up into doing it all for the wrong reasons.. you got this !

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