This is how I felt today.

I woke up early and did an intense weight workout for an hour with everything shaking. I felt good and then the day proceeded as normal. However, around about 4 I just wanted to go outside and run. I was anxious to get home and finally arrived around 6:30. Normally this would mean it is pitch black and thus I am super tired.

However, thank you daylight savings! These amazing extra hours of sunshine in the evening are worth the dark mornings.

I bundled up thanks to the 20 degree temperature drop since yesterday and headed outside when I got home.

I passed my first marker point at about my typical time, and soon I was at the one mile point of my 5k at about 10:20, which is normal for my fast 2 mile speed. I decided I was just feeling good but surely my legs would begin to betray me soon. Then I hit my halfway point and knew when I had completed 2.35 miles in 24:20 that I could make my goal.

Confession: I never actually run a 5k, I always run my 3.35 mile route because….well I am weird and I like that turnaround point.

Knowing I only had a mile to go, I kept up the pace and soon I was at the last light waiting for it to turn green for the last 0.4 mile run home. And I decided to pour it on. I felt like this:

My goal time was a 10 minute mile pace coming to a time of 33:30, and as I got close to the finish I noticed I only had 40 seconds for my normal 1 minute end of the run and I let it go. It felt like flying. It was the most amazing feeling in the world finishing a run and feeling so accomplished.

Previously my fastest time was about 35:30. Since the last time I ran my normal 5k (because of the discouraging darkness), four important things have happened that I believe contributed to my new improved time.

1. I began doing intervals on the treadmill instead of trying to maintain my normal pace. One minute walk at 4.0, one minute run at 6.0, one minute run at 6.2, repeat as many times as I feel like.

2. I have been weight training three times a week doing compound exercises (which target more than one muscle group at a time)

3. Healthier eating habits. Such a huge difference in how I feel.

4. My attitude during my run. Instead of slowing down I decided this is going to hurt and you are going to feel sore, but think of how you will feel afterwards.


On a side note, I am watching one of my new favorite movies, Friends with Kids. And this line makes me melt…

You think that we don’t love each other? You know, I have loved this girl for nineteen years, Ben. That is fully half my life. I know everything there is to know about her. I know the mood she’s in when she wakes up in the morning – always happy, ready for the day. Can you imagine? I know that she is honest; she won’t even take the little shampoo bottles from the hotel room, or sneak into the movie theater for a double feature. She always buys a second ticket. Always. I know that we have the same values, we have the same taste, we have the same sense of humor. I know that we both think that organized religion is completely full of shit. I know that if she is ever paralyzed from the neck down, she would like me to unplug her – and I will. I know her position on just about everything, and I am on board. I am on board with everything about her, so you tell me, Ben. What better woman could I have picked to be the mother of my child?


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One response to “5k Goal Run Time ACCOMPLISHED”

  1. kaityscooking says :

    wooo congrats on getting your time! thats awesome.. i went for a run a couple of weeks ago and really havent done much long runs in the past couple months but would do speed training once a week and i never ran such a fast run.. it was awesome and once i start training for races again speed training and strength will be a huge part of the plan!

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