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Smell that Honeysuckle

Today was one of those amazing workout days for me. I came home and to try to avoid the heat, I decided a short little nap was in order (hey, it was also Friday after a long week!). This was one of those naps where you wake up ready to go, so after a few small delays (boyfriend calling, drinking water, saying hello to roommate, using the bathroom 3 times just to make sure I wouldn’t need to go when I was out), I headed out with my bike.

I use RunKeeper on my iPhone for bike rides in order to know the pace/distance I am going, and today, I felt like I was killing it. I did my sprint triathlon race distance of 12.5 miles and felt strong the whole way through. I also decided to try going further than I had previously on my southern route (normally I use the northern route for long distances) and the stop signs and getting a little lost slowed me down a bit, but despite that I managed to keep up a sub 5 minute mile pace. The weather was gorgeous, there was a nice, steady breeze coming off the river, and the sweet smell of honeysuckle kept me chugging along. I wanted to keep going, but instead decided that since I have a small race on Sunday that it would be better if I didn’t overexert myself biking after a long absence.

…so instead I went for a 2 mile run. Unfortunately, I forgot to start my stop watch until halfway through my first mile, so I have no idea how that went. But the second mile, I smoked a 9:18 mile time, which is astonishing after my legs turn to jelly from biking. 

This is one of those days when I feel so inspired that I could do anything I want, so I tentatively planned out my workout schedule (for the millionth time since it changes every single week depending on what I have going on). The new(est) plan is to try to have a bike, run, swim rotation so that way I don’t leave one out or concentrate too much on one. In there I am going to try to do weights every 2-3 days, and even I get really ambitious a yoga class to stretch everything out.

We will see how things go, but I’ve got this for motivation:

ImageThis is my ultimate man crush of all time. Boyfriend is very well aware of it and accepting.

I also treated myself to the local custard shop for their special “cicada crunch” (disclaimer: no real cicadas included), which was a yummy little treat for a Friday and a long hard workout.


What was your workout like today?



I’m Back

I apologize for the elongated absence. I got caught up in this little thing called life, but lately I have found myself wanting this outlet back to share my workouts, my eats (yum…and not), my struggles working out, my motivations (and lack thereof), and my difficulties.

Since I last posted, I did my first triathlon. It felt like hell going through it, but at the end I was on such an endorphin high that I went a little race crazy. I also completed a Warrior Dash with several friends



And I loved it!

However, I have started lacking off in my training and with triathlon number 2 around the corner and the hopes of starting to do half marathons in the winter off season, I am back here for you to motivate me and hopefully for me to motivate you.

To start off I have a little 5k race with my cousin this weekend, and I’ve decided to go balls to the wall for running it. Normally whenever I run I feel like I need to keep some energy in reserve so that way I don’t get exhausted, and then I end up going slower than normal. 

An update on my weight loss: I am down 15 pounds and counting and feeling better than ever. More than the weight on the scale is how my clothes fit and how I look in the mirror. It feels so good to look like I am sucking in whenever that’s just the way my stomach is now. I still have a long way to go, but I am getting there. I think it’s time for some belated before/midway pictures to be coming your way. If you ask for them, you will receive.

What are ways that you stay motivated and on top of things?