I’m Back

I apologize for the elongated absence. I got caught up in this little thing called life, but lately I have found myself wanting this outlet back to share my workouts, my eats (yum…and not), my struggles working out, my motivations (and lack thereof), and my difficulties.

Since I last posted, I did my first triathlon. It felt like hell going through it, but at the end I was on such an endorphin high that I went a little race crazy. I also completed a Warrior Dash with several friends



And I loved it!

However, I have started lacking off in my training and with triathlon number 2 around the corner and the hopes of starting to do half marathons in the winter off season, I am back here for you to motivate me and hopefully for me to motivate you.

To start off I have a little 5k race with my cousin this weekend, and I’ve decided to go balls to the wall for running it. Normally whenever I run I feel like I need to keep some energy in reserve so that way I don’t get exhausted, and then I end up going slower than normal. 

An update on my weight loss: I am down 15 pounds and counting and feeling better than ever. More than the weight on the scale is how my clothes fit and how I look in the mirror. It feels so good to look like I am sucking in whenever that’s just the way my stomach is now. I still have a long way to go, but I am getting there. I think it’s time for some belated before/midway pictures to be coming your way. If you ask for them, you will receive.

What are ways that you stay motivated and on top of things?


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2 responses to “I’m Back”

  1. catbrooksdesign says :

    Hi, your picture looks like you had a blast! I admire you for taking the step to say “I’m going to get healthy and fit” About a year ago my attitude was “I don’t care i’m just going to eat whatever” I wasn’t overweight but I had no energy and went through a month where I was sick and feeling run down. I decided that I wanted to give my body the nutrients it needs and to get my energy back. I didn’t do a lot of exercise i just completely changed what I was eating. More more more more veges and less processed crap! I’m still naughty because i’m obsessed with chocolate but instead of eating a lot i just have a little treat now and then. I want to start getting into some weights. I have a blog about graphic design totally unrelated to yours but I love reading about others peoples motivation to get fit and healthy and it gives myself inspiration! Go Girl!

    • princessmaddysun says :

      Thanks for reading! I am slightly (okay, really) obsessed with fruit, but sweets have always been my downfall with eating. It takes a lot of conscious effort for me to eat healthy, but luckily planning meals helps that a lot. Hopefully I will get some more recipes up here soon! I love weight lifting too. At first it felt tedious, but as muscles started to appear it gets more and more fun. Keep it going!

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