5k Race and Game of Thrones (Almost) Season Finale

I did my very first 5k race today! For some reason, I skipped right over that when I did my triathlon. My cousin wanted to get back into running (after a small injury) and asked me to do this race with her. Even though she kicked my ass, I was grateful to do a short, fast run. I didn’t get the time I wanted, but my mile time has drastically improved and I finished with a 10:30 pace. When I started running (for real, training running) my pace was a 12 minute mile, so even this slight increase in time was a win for me. And it has helped me think of things I need to do to improve my endurance and time: 

1. Try to wean off music. I don’t know how realistic this one is because I am so soooooo reliant on it.

2. More hill runs. This is much more achievable and I found a great hill loop near me. I think it’s time to add in a day a week of hill repeats.



That’s me on the right. This is not my best picture or outfit…or really look in general. My cousin pulled me aside for a picture about a minute after I crossed the finish line. I promise way better pictures soon (I suppose that’s the narcissus in me coming out, but hey, we all like looking good)

Now…I don’t normally post about random things, but tonight was episode 9 of 10 of the third season of HBO’s Game of Thrones. I have been a long time fan of the book series and have enjoyed the TV series, but one of the reasons I haven’t ever been able to reread the third book was tonight’s episode 


The Red Wedding…wow. HBO did a few nice things that weren’t in the book, such as Robb’s pregnant wife and drawing out the slaughter so that each of the characters gets that one final moment on the screen. My heart literally hurt afterwards and I had goosebumps. Another appreciated affect was that the end credits had no music and were just silent. I had forgotten the brutality of the scene, the cold, hard truth of revenge and the bitter taste it left in my mouth and gut. It was moments like that that make me love and hate the way George R.R. Martin wrote his series. All in all, I think the episode did a great job, and I am very eagerly awaiting next week’s season finale. 

1. What are your new goals for working out?

2. What did you think of the Red Wedding?


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