Sweet Challenge

Even though waking up this morning was not as rough as it normally is on a Monday, this day seemed to drag. To make it worse, there were a million sweets everywhere. I’m talking I walked in today and there were 3 cakes, 2 bags of bagels, and 2 boxes of donuts. It was all I could do not to eat all of them right there.

Confession: I have a MAJOR sweet tooth 

Things like this were my downfall in college were there was always a dessert bar, so I always just had one piece…at every. single. meal. It was terrible and led to my expanding waistline. I love sweets, but I know I need to love them in moderation.

So, instead of a sweet a day, I am going to try to reinstate what I did a few months ago where sweets are only allowed on special occasions and the weekends. Therefore, I challenge whoever is reading this to try to limit their sweets intake. And no, not let’s start next week on a Monday. Instead, let’s be crazy and start it now. I am slightly regretting this as a pint of Haagen Daas straciatella gelato sits in my freezer, but I know it can wait until Friday, and I will be happy for it. 

Also, all of my sweet cravings pushed me that much harder to go to the gym, which was very rewarding after my weight routine and a two mile fartlek workout.

In the meantime, check out this new local band that I am in LOVE with:



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