Understatement: I Am Competitive

Races are my motivation. Anytime I need that extra oomph, I sign up for a new race because I want to be fast, I want to win…even when that shouldn’t be the point of my races, especially at this point. At my last (and first) triathlon, I was so focused on trying to beat everyone that I didn’t really enjoy what I was accomplishing. I wanted to place even though it was my first and I had only really started training in January. 

Today, the competitive bug bit me again when I checked up on my upcoming triathlon next weekend. I decided to see how big the pool is for my age group…and as of now, I am one of 5. My immediate thought was, I NEED to place. It would be such a shame if I didn’t, but after a few hours of thinking about it, I decided to refocus myself.

This race is my first open water race, and my second triathlon overall. What I should focus on is not freaking out in a lake swim, which is going to take me almost 20 minutes in open water filled with creatures (I am freaking out a little bit thinking about it now). I should focus on trying my hardest and doing it for myself and doing my self. I should focus on having fun and remembering to smile for the camera and have a good time! I should focus on breathing and pushing. I should focus on the other competitors who are there striving to do there best for whatever reason it is that motivates them.

The real competition is myself. I am doing this to get in shape, to be healthy, to feel confident and good about myself. I am doing it for the pride that comes with knowing what my body can accomplish. 

This is about me and pushing my limits and striving for MY best.

Pippa Middleton doing a triathlon!


I am still working up the courage to put up progress pictures from last year to this year…it was very scary looking at those pictures today and seeing how I had let myself go and how I never want to do that again. A little encouragement will go a long way!


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