Ahhh Push It, Push It Real Good

Every day is a battle for me, whether it really want to workout or not there is always a choice. Almost every day there is something more fun to do or more relaxing like sleeping or sitting on the couch. But each time I choose instead to workout I win that battle within myself.

Trying to do two a days is a new way to push myself to my limits. I don’t do anything too crazy at either of my workouts, but each effort is a very conscious effort.

Today I was faced with the oh so alluring temptation of my bed because if I’m going to wake up early and run then I should go to bed early. However I was drawn to one of my many terrible TV choices, Reign. And knowing I wanted to watch it I made the choice not to sit there on the couch and not to go to bed at 9 like an old lady. Because I am still going to get my full 8 hours even if I workout for 45 minutes.

One piece of equipment I highly recommend for those of us that love to watch a million TV shows is an indoor bike trainer. I set my bike up, turn on the TV, and crank it out for a whole show. I find this to be a much more productive way to do something that I like and to workout. Plus the ups and downs of the shows are their own preset course in themselves.

Earlier this week I did a longer indoor trainer session since the snow outside was a bit of a deterrent. I watched Love Actually to get myself in the Christmas mood and enjoy 90 minutes of biking.

What active choice did you make to workout this week or today?

What are your tricks to working out?

Watching Reign


Watching Love Actualy



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