Week Training Recap

Sunday: BRIC workout 45 minutes on the indoor trainer then a two mile run
Sundays weather was not in my favor and it started snowing so to be safe I rode indoors then did a beautiful run outside. Not my fastest but a good workout

Monday: Rest day

Tuesday: 90 minute bike ride on the indoor trainer (snowing again) while watching Love Actually
Watching a movie made this bike ride fly by

Wednesday: bodypump and 7 mile run
Easily the best workout day I had this week. I was feeling it the entire time. I hadn’t been to bodypump in awhile but I was lifting heavier than last time I went a few months ago and sweating buckets. Then that afternoon I enjoyed the slightly warmer weather with snow still covering the ground but not the path thankfully. It wasn’t my fastest run but I had a decent time. And this was my first long run since the Richmond Half Marathon in November.

Thursday: back/arms and indoor bike ride for 50 minutes
Both were decent but I struggled during the bike

Friday: 5 mile hill run
This felt amazing. I woke up a little after five and was out the door at 530. I had planned a four mile hill run but turns out I underestimated a bit on the distance. I warmed up almost immediately and I wore my bright pink running tights so I could be seen coming from a mile away. Great start to the day.

Saturday: chest/shoulders
This was a terrible workout. I struggled the whole time and eaten terribly all day but I’m letting both of those go.

How were your workouts this week?

What was your best workout of the week?


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