So You Want to Be an Ironman

When I first started training for triathlons, I started training for sprint distances thinking maybe, maybe one day I could do a half Ironman. But only in the distant future.


Then I signed up for my first half marathon and I was asked would I ever do a full marathon. I said no that a half was my limit. Reflecting on this past year though and all I’ve accomplished I realized something.


I was scared to think about doing such a distance or striving towards it because I was afraid I would fail. Afraid that even if I trained I wouldn’t be able to finish.


Now though, I know how strong I am, and while completing an Ironman is still several years in my future I have set it as my long term training goal.


This is the Ironman I am considering (in 2016). My sister goes to school out here, so I already have a place to stay!

What really solidified this choice for me was when I told my boyfriend that I had decided I wanted to do one and I could practically hear him beaming across the phone when he said, “I knew this day would come.” His encouragement has been one factor that allows me to keep going and pushing.

The road is going long and hard with several milestones on the way, such as

1. An Olympic/international distance triathlon

2. Running a marathon

3. A half Ironman

4. A lot of other shorter distances for fun and training purposes

While I will be keeping this long term goal in mind, I have a lot of short term goals I want to finish first, and I am excited to experience the journey along the way.


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