Last Minute Christmas Gifts

I am the Queen of Christmas. It is my favorite holiday. I love the smells, the giving, the joy, being around family. I love it all. I cannot get enough Christmas.

But this year, I have just not been feeling it. I don’t know why, but Christmas music doesn’t perk me up like it usually does. I haven’t baked very many cookies (besides one Christmas cookie baking party I attended), and the only decorations that I have hung is this fabulous wreath that I made as a joke to my roommate.

Where did my Christmas spirit go?

I think that being focused on training, setting a good foundation for this next year’s races, and not seeing my family or boyfriend at all since Thanksgiving has really got me in a slump this year. I am normally the best at giving presents and this year I have just been stuck (don’t judge me for occasionally buying Christmas presents months in advance! I love giving!).

That is until a few days ago when suddnely everything began flowing.I was suddenly thinking of fantastic gifts for my family, and this year’s theme is definitely “Find Your Fit”.

My sisters and I all have a different body shape and we carry our weight differently. Add my mom in the mix and you have a jumble of body shapes and sizes. My mom is the one who got me started on triathlons and we have done four out of this past year’s seven races together. My sisters are a different story, but for the first time ever they expressed interest in finding their fit. So I have two different lists of last minute presents you can find for those seasoned athletes and those just starting out.

For those just starting out:

1. Workout clothes. Who doesn’t want to work out whenever you buy a new outfit? Truthfully this gift is good for those starting out or for the seasoned athlete. Everyone appreciates new gear. I went all out at Old Navy and got my sister a whole outfit for her to feel and look good in. I highly recommend Old Navy for the newcomer because it is affordable and has some great stuff. Other great places, TJ Maxx. You have to look for it, but it is there for the savvy shopper.

2. A workout plan. Now this may get too pushy for some. I discussed this with my sister in depth before deciding to get it for her. She is on a very tight schedule and needs to maximize her workouts. For her, I opted to get her Insanity DVDs. This works for her but may not work for everyone.

3. A water bottle. Here you can really go nuts because there is so much variety. Go crazy here. Hydration is key.

4. iPod shuffle. Priced at $49 this is a bargain and a nice tool for those who are starting to work out to get their groove on.

For the seasoned athlete:

1. Entry into one of their races. Some of the race companies may offer giftcards or if you know enough about the person you may be able to sign them up for it. If not I suggest making something special to go along with money for the race entry, normally something to do with the race (a flyer, whether printed or handmade is always good).

2. Great stocking stuffers: Gu, Nuun, Bloks. Who doesn’t love a few extra goodies in their stocking for fueling on their next run/bike ride? I picked up a few of these:

3. Running socks. These are always great and appreciated. My favorites are these:

4. CWX Tights. These are a little bit more expensive, but fantastic for running longer distances and helping your legs out.

5. Tire innertubes. Kinda dorky, but a spare never hurt anyone.

6. A Medal Hanger for all of those lovely medals. My mom and I actually make and sell them, check our out here:

Both of these lists could go on and on and on.

What are you hoping to get for Christmas?

What is your favorite gift for the new or seasoned athlete?


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