Need for Speed

I am not fast at any of the three triathlon sports that I do. I am not a fast swimmer, biker, or runner. And normally I try not to let these things affect me too much because I am pushing myself and I am leaps and bounds above where I was last year.

My journey started last January. At the time I had put on around 20+ pounds during college and I was not healthy at all. I was a comfortable size when I started college, but I certainly wasn’t in shape or fit. So adding more weight did not do me any favors. I made a pledge to myself to change and to get healthy. This is still a struggle for me every day. I have shed most of the weight I gained in college and even though I weigh more than I did when I started my body is completely different in a good way. I have more muscle than I ever have and it keeps growing.

When I started my journey last year my 5k time was about 38 minutes. It wasn’t embarassing though because I was starting to run, and I mean actually run. I tried running and working out a few times during college, but I did it half heartedly. My latest fast 5k time was at the local Thanksgiving Turkey Trot where I PRed with 29:30.

I am so proud of this time, and while I have not been able to duplicate this effort since, I am striving to get faster. I want to push myself to new levels. I want to do better, faster, stronger.

That’s what this winter training is all about. I have about three more months before my first race of the season, plenty of time to get faster. But I need to remember this during the early mornings and late nights.

This week’s workouts have been bittersweet. I have been crushing it in the gym lifting weights, doing more and better than ever. I can literally see myself getting stronger. Unfortunately, I have been so exhausted that I have not done any cardio since Wednesday, which is not ideal for trying to get faster cardio.

I am going to look at my training schedule again and reevaluate what to do to really take myself to the next level and what is reasonable for me to be able to accomplish.

Confession…I really want to place in one of my triathlons this next year. I have no hopes for placing in my age group in any of the running races I am doing, but the triathlon, I might be able to do.


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