No longer running for weight loss

When I started working out to lose weight and get healthy last year, these things were seen as a necessary evil. I went to the gym to work off calories and to drop weight. I went running because I need a cardio exercise to lose weight.

However, somewhere along the way training for my first triathlon, I was no longer training to lose weight. I was training because I enjoyed training. I like pushing myself on the run, feeling the burn in my chest and legs as I turn it up a notch. I enjoy the time spent with myself in the quiet recesses of my own mind because my mind only turns off when I exercise. I like biking to see new places and new things. I swim to focus. I lift because I like seeing my body get stronger.

Weight loss of course comes with enjoying and doing all of these things and in my journey to get healthy, I appreciate it. However, it’s no longer my motivation. My motivations have changed and as they have changed and I have embraced my training, my body has changed.

I honestly try not to calorie count. I do sometimes, and I am a member of Weight Watchers. However, I do this more so because I really love the recipes on the website. I try to eat what I know is good for me, but this doesn’t involve ridiculous things like going paleo or not having a bun with my burger…or not having a burger. (Honestly, I might cry if I had to stop eating burgers.)

Transitioning to focus on my training has helped me let go of some of the guilt I feel when I eat one too many cookies because on top of that guilt, I am ashamed for feeling bad for feeling guilty. Because I shouldn’t.

So as the new year approaches and many New Year’s list of resolutions include weight loss, I ask instead to find your passion in working out. Whatever it is that moves you, that becomes more than weight loss but instead about finding a piece of yourself.

Weekly Workout Recap:
Sunday: 90 Minute Indoor Bike Ride. Yet another cardio cinema day since I pushed my workout off into the evening after being extremely lazy all day. This evening’s showing was of This Is The End, a spectacularly terrible movie that was grueling to watch and try to bike through. Next time, I will choose better Redbox.

Monday: 12 Mile Bike Followed by 2 Mile Run. Okay, doing my long bike ride then my BRIC workout two days in a row was a mistake. The bike ride was brutual. Then again, it may have just been because it was my first bike ride outside in a little over a week so I had to breathe in the cold air and deal with terrain. The upside however, I killed my run. I managed to run the two miles in just under a 10 minute mile. Now, need to actually concentrate on my speed work to get that close to 9 minutes.

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: 5 Mile Run Followed by BodyPump. I had orginially planned to do 8 miles today, but eh, I wasn’t feeling it. So instead I decided five miles would be perfectly fine as long as I pushed myself to go a little faster. I am determined to crush my half marathon time in the Nike Women’s Half, so I need to average under 11:30 minute/mile. Five mile average page 10:30 (now just have to keep it up for oh, about 8 more miles, easy peasy…right?!). Oh and then bodypump. I have really been digging this class recently. It helps me get a good one hour full body lift in and I love the instructor and the jams.

Thursday: Weights – back, abs, calves. Meh workout. It was okay but not too bad. I tried to do some sprints, but was not feeling the treadmill.

Friday: Weights – chest, arms, more abs. Fantastic workout. I was really feeling it that night.

Saturday: Even more weights – legs, glutes, shoulder. Even better than Friday.

So, obviously, the goal for the next week is to refocus myself on some more cardio, but I am really proud of all my lifts for this week.


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2 responses to “No longer running for weight loss”

  1. catjansen says :

    Hi! I just stumbled across your blog and am loving your posts. Looking forward to hearing more about your upcoming races. Awesome Christmas presents too – garmins are fantastic!

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