Ready For Tri Season Thanks to Christmas

This year for Christmas I was very blessed to have received not only thoughtful but very useful gifts from everyone in my family, and I wanted to share them with you all because I am so very excited for all of them.

(in no particular order)

1. Garmin Forerunner 620 GPS watch. THIS IS AMAZING. J, my boyfriend, really outdid himself this year. I had mentioned that I really wanted a GPS watch but that they were way too expensive and it was silly. Well, he did his research and completely surprised me. Look for a review in a few weeks whenever I have had enough time to test out all of the features. I’ve already gone on one run with it and I was a tad compulsive checking my watch, but it already made me push myself to go faster.

2. Triathlon mat. I had seen this at my last triathlon and really wanted one, particularly after my towel with all my stuff soaked through and didn’t dry out for a week.

3. Accessories: headbands, touch screen gloves, iPhone armband. All fantastic and needed. My mom and I had been lusting after touch screen gloves for a while and I am so glad she got me some. Now I can stay warm and still change the song, etc.

4. Wrist wallet. This is really lightweight and a neat gadget to carry around just the essentials like keys and some money and if you really need a small music device (although I don’t know how I would feel with my headphones attached essentially to my wrist).

5. Fuel belt. Another awesome gift from J and another item I had been lusting over. After my half marathon with no jacket to put all my nutrition in, I really wanted something like this. I look forward to running the Nike half with this sweet glow in the dark belt around my waist. Bonus, an extra piece of reflective gear for night or early morning runs and it miraculously fits my iPhone in it. Clutch.

6. CW-X tights. O.M.G. I borrowed a pair of my mom’s for the half marathon and my legs felt amazing during the entire race (okay, maybe not for the last mile, but I think at that point it’s kind of assumed). I am so excited to try these out on my next long run.

7. Tri bucket. My mom customized this for me and put all kinds of inspirational sayings on the side. I am so stoked to be able to easily transport all my tri gear to and from my races and look pretty awesome doing it.

8. Salted caramel GU. Nom nom nom. I haven’t tried this yet, but I have heard amazing things, and it has extra sodium! Always needed.

9. Commemorative Ornament. My mom made this for me for doing my first half marathon. It was such a sweet gift.

10. Race gift certificate. This is something I asked for because I hate seeing my bank account drained and I really love signing up for races. A very usual gift!

Alright, I will do a real post soon. I am coming off of my Christmas high and all the fun I had with my family and J.


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One response to “Ready For Tri Season Thanks to Christmas”

  1. fatguy2triguy says :

    Love the tri bucket!! Mom knows best.

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