Weekly Workout Recap

Training this week was very, very light. I decided to full enjoy the holiday with my family and friends, which meant relaxing most of the time for a nice semi rest week.

Sunday: Rest

Monday: Rest. Although I did do some extreme shopping for like 5 hours, so that counts for something, lifting all the heavy bags and walking around. My legs felt like they were going to fall off.

Tuesday: 6.5 mile run with the puppy. I had set out for 8 miles, which meant 5 miles with Riley Belle before going back out for the last three (I typically only like to run her 5 miles), but I kept taking side street after side street so we ended up doing 6.5 miles together and then I decided to relax and make Christmas cookies instead of doing the last 1.5 miles. Riley kicked my butt. She is a great pacer and always pushes me. Whenever I start to slow down she gives me this look and I pick up the pace again. My run at home as some pretty killer hills so my pace wasn’t the greatest for this run, but I did it.

Wednesday: CHRISTMAS. Needless to say, I enjoyed a day of relaxation and hanging out with family and J.

Thursday: Quick 3 mile run with Riley Belle. I had hoped to do this a little bit quicker than my 9:23 average mile time, but I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to repeat my 5k PR pace from Thanksgiving. It felt good to get my sweat on that day.

Friday: Weights – leg day. Woof. My legs are still hurting right now. But it was a great lift.

Saturday: Four mile tempo run and weights – shoulders/chest/more legs. I don’t know why I did legs again. Maybe that’s why they really hurt today. Or maybe it could be the four mile run I also did on Saturday. I averaged about a 10:19 pace, which I was happy with. This is the first set of increased mileage in my training program. I had been doing 3 mile/5k tempo runs, but it’s pretty much January now, so I figured, time to up it to four mile tempo runs. Now to get those down to my 5k pace. Probably will be easier when my legs aren’t screaming.

Get ready for some exciting posts this next week, including my year in review and short/long term goals for the month of January and for 2014.



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