2013 Report Card/Year in Review

2013 was big for me. 2013 was the year I decided to change my life. Last year I joined the throngs of New Years Revolutioners to get fit and healthy and I would like to say that while I have awhile to go to get to my end goal, I am leaps and bounds above where I was a year ago.

Last year at Christmas, I was unhappy with myself, where I was physically and it was bleeding into everything, especially my personal life and my relationship. My boyfriend of almost six years at the time (we will celebrate seven years this March) sat me down to talk about it. He confronted me about how I was feeling and how it was affecting us. In 2012 he started his journey to get fit and healthy and it leaked into every aspect of his life in the best way possible. So he shared his journey with me so that I could get to a happy place with myself too. We are still on our journey, one which I think will always be ongoing. And I am so happy that he staged his own mini intervention with me because this year I pushed my limits and accomplished so much.

Goal 1: Compete in a triathlon A+
I completed my first sprint distance triathlon in April then another one in August and my first open water swim sprint tri in October.

Goal 2: Run a half marathon A+
Before this year I normally ran at most 3ish miles. Once I got up to doing an 8k but that was in 2010. I not only ran a half marathon this past year but I did it in my goal time of 2:30 (okay there were some seconds over that but whatever I don’t count them).

Goal 3: Get healthy B
This is definitely still a work in progress. I lost the first 20 pounds but I have more to go. I still have a slight addiction to sweets that I am learning to control.

Goal 4: Work on my relationship A
This year made J and I stronger than ever. We had more fun together and enjoyed each moment we got together. Every year we get closer and fall more in love. (You can all throw up now)

2014 goals coming soon!

How did you do in 2013?


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