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January Report Card, February Goals

As January has drawn to a close, I thought it was time to do my report card on my goals for January. Let’s just say, I may have set the bar a little too high for myself…or I was very lazy.

Goal 1: Do speedwork once a week – C. I skipped two weeks on this just because of other workouts/things going on, but if I want to get better I need to make this a priority for running.

Goal 2: Swim once a week – B. I only skipped one week of swimming, but otherwise got in the pool once a week. I even attended a swim clinic on Thursday that I am dying to try out. I want to see if this new way I learned to swim does anything (more to come on this later).

Goal 3: Weigh myself only once a week – B+. I was really good at doing this for the most part. However, I think that I lost my daily accountability that led me to slide and fall really hard on the weight loss front. My number has decided to stay right where it pleases, and it will continue to do so as long as my terrible eating habits continue, which leads to…

Goal 4: Sweets once a week – FFFFFFFF. I went two whole days in the month without splurging on some sort of sweet. Every. Single. Day. That is a problem. I am all about everything in moderation, but sweets and I don’t know moderation.

Goal 5: Push harder – A+. While I think I can continue to work on this one, I am really proud of what I accomplished with my workouts during January. I turned up the intensity and increased my fitness big time. I can now bike for over two hours (on the trainer, but still). I can consistently run under a 30 minute 5k. I can lift more.

Now, since the report card is done for January, I am closing the chapter on that month and starting fresh with February.

Goal 1: Listen to what my body needs, not my cravings. You know the charts I am talking about. Basically, like this: I am going to try to follow these rules for February to be more in tune with myself rather than just giving in any time I want something.

Goal 2: Get under a 29 minute 5k. A new take on speed work. I really want to be able to get down even further, but I figure taking 30 seconds off my fastest time in a month will be a good goal.

Goal 3: Stick with my training plans for the half marathon and triathlons coming up. Self explanatory

Goal 4: Wash my face once a week. I have been breaking out like crazy, probably because of sweets and sweat drying on me constantly. Super sexy I know.

Goal 5: Work on my swim technique. The clinic emphasize a lot that I need I start putting into practice.

How was your January?

What are your goals for February?


I have become a bear

With all this cold weather and working out normally two hours a day, I think my body has decided it wants to hibernate. I am pretty good at sleeping but nowhere near as proficient as my 16 year old sister or the Beast (who has been know to sleep for over 15 hours in a day).

Lately however, I am a champ. Normal days I have been getting 8-9 hours of sleep even when I wake up at 5am. Yes this makes me an old lady. However, weekends…well I have been getting 10-12 hours. And I cannot tell you how good it feels. I wake up feeling fresh and recovered and ready to go. My body seems to heal itself throughout the night.

We have all heard how important sleeping is especially for training and losing weight. I try to listen to my body and give it what it needs and lately that has been copious amounts of sleep.

How many hours of sleep do you normally get? What do you aim for?

Fa Fa Fa Freezing

The temperature has dropped once again and it’s freezing cold outside. Literally. At least it seems like we will escape the snow this time around on DC. I’m looking forward to a high of 27 tomorrow. Yay?

For now in the chilly temps of 11 degrees, I give you another edition of Trade Em Up Tuesdays.

I would NOT trade how amazing the show Revenge has been. I’m almost up to date and it so addictive and good.

I would NOT trade that this season on Biggest Loser the contestants will be competing in a triathlon. It makes for a perfect long bike ride tonight.

I would trade the bad news the Beast received yesterday about a new job. But we are trying to be positive and keep on going.

I would NOT trade the delicious taste of a bagel with peanut butter, honey, and banana. Nom nom nom. This is such a delicious breakfast.

I would trade these cold temperatures. It makes it hard for running and biking but then again so does a sweltering summer. There is one good thing about the winter…

I would NOT trade getting in my workouts outside at 2/3pm because it’s the warmest part of the day. This time of day to workout is really growing on me. Alas our love cannot last.

What’s one thing you would trade? What’s one you wouldn’t?

Weekly Workout Summary

Phew this week was long and a lot of workouts were done indoors (Thanks beautiful, terrible snow). My body is tired but energized after training this week.

Sunday: 5.6 mile run and weights. Oops this was supposed to be a longer run but my legs were not happy and my mind was in a weird funk. However I did do most of my run as part of a trip to Giant. It feels good to literally run errands.

Monday: Sprint workout. I accidentally overslept and ended up only doing three miles. After such a killer sprint workout a couple of weeks ago this sessions was a little disappointing but I did it.

Tuesday: 40 minute bike and weights.

Wednesday: 40 minute bike and weights. Hmm…a pattern?

Thursday: Two hour bike ride on the trainer and 1.1 mile swim. The bike was rough. I wanted to leap off of it and be done. But it made my swim feel about a million times better. Still pretty slow but I can’t really complain since I haven’t practiced.

Friday: 6.5 mile long run. This was the slowest I have ever been in my life thanks to the slippery ice patches and trudging through several inches of snow alternatively. I got it done but it was cold and rough. See the bridge picture. I crossed that bitch twice and cursed its name the whole time.

Saturday: 5k run; 55 minute bike. I decided to switch up my brick workout and start with my run since I could do that outside. It was much better conditions and the bike felt pretty good afterwards.

Ready for another long week with lots of triathlon workouts!


Gym Clothes Make or Break You

For my male readers, I apologize, this post might be a tad girly. I am a firm believer that your clothes can make or break your day. When I get a new top/accessory/ pants/skirt/dress/whatever, I feel on top of the world. I want to wear it everywhere. I love shopping and getting new clothes, but I have been refraining lately. Mainly because I haven’t been going anywhere or doing anything but working out, so I just want to buy workout clothes. Then again, those are so comfy I could wear them around non-stop too.

Why do I bring this up? Well, today I threw on literally the first thing that my hand touched to go to the gym. I didn’t even think about it until I got in front of the mirror. I had grabbed a very large oversized t-shirt and some pants that I don’t know why I have (they are an awkward length on my 5’3” frame coming to just over the knee). I missed my leggings and cute tshirts/tech shirts. It made me loose a little bit of my confidence wearing clothes that didn’t flatter me. When I feel like I look good, I perform better because I feel on top of the world.

Yes, I admit this post makes me sound very vain, and maybe I am (Confession, I am vain in some ways). But I like looking good for myself. At the gym, at work, out with friends. Maybe not so much at home, that’s me time.

I have worked hard to get this body and I am working harder to see new changes in it every day, so I want to see that. I know not everyone is into the newest workout clothes, but they make me workout harder so that I feel like In earned them.

In other news, my seven year anniversary with the Beast is coming up in March, and I found the perfect dress that I want to wear. I’m pretty sure his jaw will drop when he sees me in it, especially since I intend on wearing heels with it too (getting pretty crazy here I know).

Anniversary Dress

What do you wear to make you confident?

What makes you feel good in the gym?


Indoors or Outdoors?

Thanks to another smattering of snow, I am confined inside for my bike rides. While I think that I could probably run outside by my next scheduled run (tomorrow), I don’t think I will be able to bike outside for quite a few more days. Unfortunately the paths I go on have some shady spots which means some hidden icy patches, and I’ve already wiped out several times in the past few months (This is something I am REALLY good at doing).

So what does this mean? I’ve told y’all about my homemade cardio cinema setting up the bike trainer and going to town while watching a movie. I even made it for two hours the other day, which was the longest on my trainer ever and the longest on my bike in quite some time. However, I am worried that I am not getting the same workout in that I get outside. I’ve read some literature on it, such as the Ironman article here (, but I still want to ensure that the time I am logging will equate to faster times outside.

To make sure I achieve this, I have some new things that I am going to try to do in the upcoming weeks as winter slogs on.

1. 1. Get a bike computer. I intend on getting a cheap bike computer that will attach to my back wheel and tell me how fast and far I am going during a workout. I think this will give me a little bit more insight into how my training is going.

2. Go to spin classes at my gym. I admit I am horrible at doing this. I tend to avoid crowds whenever I workout, which is something that I really want and need to work on doing. I am just always afraid that I won’t be able to keep up (which is less of a problem in an indoor spin class…no one will notice me turning down the intensity)

3. On days that I do get to go outside I need to find some more hills. I am terrified of biking up and down hills with my feet clipped in.

So this is where I turn to y’all.

What do you do during the winter to keep up with your bike workouts?

Anyone who lives near DC have any good hill routes?

Trade Em Up Tuesdays

I thought I would borrow from one of my favorite bloggers, Alex at The Run Within, and do a “Trade em Up Tuesday” post today.

I would NOT trade…the burn in my thighs. After last night’s speed session (preceded by leg day in the gym that morning, not my smartest move), my legs are on fire. They are crying right now, but the soreness feels good. It means I am pushing myself to get faster and do more.

I would NOT trade…the impending snow. I know it will make things a mess and difficult and it will be cold, but I really love snow. It looks beautiful and it just really makes me happy. It may also call for some hot chocolate.

I would trade…the dry weather. My hands are dry and constantly need lotion. My lips are cracked and bleed every time I walk outside. Badass or gross? Probably more gross than anything else.

I would trade…my aversion to water in the winter. It takes every fiber of my being to get into the pool during the winter. I just don’t want to be wet. It may be my long hair and how long it takes to dry or that I hate feeling cold and wet. But it’s really impeding on my desire to go swimming, which is essential for triathlon training really.

I would NOT trade…a busy few days off this weekend. I have dinner plans on Friday night for a friend’s birthday and then hopefully finally seeing my Dad on Saturday (plans TBD).

I would NOT trade…my green tea-lemonade concoction. It is delicious and helps me drink water and is a much better alternative to drinking copious amounts of soda.

I would trade…my sweets addiction. Still going strong. Still trying to minimize it. Luckily, adhering to Weight Watchers again will certainly help me keep it in check. More on Weight Watchers in a few weeks after I’ve stuck to counting my points again.

Weekly Workout Summary

Yet another week down. These weeks seem to be flying by and triathlon season is just around the corner. This was a weird week since I didn’t feel well or was pretty sore for most of it. Hopefully this next week will be better.

Sunday – 14 Mile Bike; 5k Run. Oh man. This was a rough workout. This was my first increase in mileage for my BRICK workout, and it was intense. My legs felt like lead during the bike ride, probably in part due to the crazy wind that was going on. I literally passed a sailing lesson on my bike, which made me feel better about why I wasn’t really moving. After the bike, it took everything I had to get back out there and go for a run. I wanted to only do the 2 miles I had been doing beforehand, but I pushed myself for the whole 5k. I tried to gradually build up speed, but my legs would not take me any faster than about a 10:45 pace if I was pushing. Not the best workout, but I did it.

Monday – Weights. I had some pretty intense calf muscle cramping today so I took some extra time to foam roll.

Tuesday – Weights. Still letting my calf rest, so some more foam rolling.

Wednesday – Rest Day. Today was not a good day. Every single part of my body hurt. My lower back, my stomach, my legs. It all ached. Side effects of shark week.

Thursday – Long Bike Ride. Feeling better, but not 100%, plus I had to give blood at the doctor’s office, which meant, better to play it safe than sorry and do the indoor trainer. I biked for two hours, which was my longest ride for training yet. I’ve done more for fun, but this was intense and focused. I even had to change movies. I watched The Spectacular Now and A.C.O.D. (Adult Children of Divorce). Both were okay, pretty decent, but not out of this world.

Friday – 14 Mile Bike; 5k Run. I cannot even tell you what a difference this workout was from Sunday’s. The bike felt so good and I felt like I was flying (even when I was going into the wind…although the wind was definitely less intense). I averaged 4:06 on the bike for the ride. The run was a little difficult, but I managed to do what I had intended on Sunday’s run and increase my pace throughout. I averaged 10:29 for the run, definitely a good starting place for the season.

Saturday – 1 Mile Run for Meg’s Miles. I focused more on my thoughts about her and her family on my run the next day which I will recap next week.

How was your last week of training?

Where did this week go???

Sorry I have been MIA almost all week. It seemed to fly by and I was constantly busy fitting in workouts and having dinner with a few friends. Since I was getting anxious for the Beast to come in town I loaded up my social calendar to distract me. In return for my absence I thought I would use today’s post to share a little bit more about me.

I have only been doing triathlons/running/exercising seriously for about a year. I was one of those dreaded New Year’s Resolutioners on a journey to change my life. In it I found two sports that I love and there is no going back now. The bug has definitely gotten me.

Beast and I have been together for almost seven years. We aren’t engaged or married, still dating. That question may be one of the most dreaded questions I get from anyone, “when are y’all getting married?” Well we will when we are both financially stable…and live in the same city. We are currently in a long distance relationship, which sometimes I really actually love.

My mom inspired me to do triathlons. She started doing them in 2006, and I would always go to her races but never participate. We did a mother/daughter one my senior year of high school that was really short and included kayaking instead of swimming. I didn’t train. I didn’t do anything for it. I wish now that I had started training then though.

I am on a journey to getting for and losing weight. I am working to be able to see what my body can do but along the way I am also trying to lose weight. I lost 20 pounds in the past year and I’m hoping for 20 more this year.

I have two little sisters. The middle sister is in Kentucky getting her Psy.D in psychology while the littlest one is on her sophomore year of high school. We are all very different from one another and are still learning to work through those kinks.

My parents are divorced. They split up when I was 12, but I think it’s worked out for the best for both of them. My mom is a little crazy, outgoing, do anything type that I can talk to about anything. My dad is more conservative, intellectual and my go to for a new book or to discuss serious things.

I want to do an Ironman. When I first started out I said I would never do a marathon and definitely not an Ironman. Well here we are now. I know it’s still a few years out but I want to do one. There will be a lot of training and sacrifice to get there but it’s a process, a journey.

Tell me a little bit about yourself!

And most importantly for forget to run today for the runner Meg, who was killed by a drunk driver earlier this week and use this in social media #megsmiles

A Tragedy in the Running Community

When a tragedy happens in the running community the support spreads like wildfire. Runners come together in these times. Despite the sadness, it is heartening to see how the community of runners join together.

On Monday, Meg Cross Menzies a mother of three and avid runner was hit and killed by a drunk driver at 8am during her training run for the Boston Marathon. She was also a member of the Richmond Road Runners in Virginia.

To support awareness of drunk driving, runner/cyclist safety, and texting and driving join me and countless others in commemorating Meg’s life by running. Tune into your body and the feeling of running. Let go of everything else and focus on what’s important. Post on whatever social media outlet you want with the hashtag #megsmiles

Even though I did not know Meg, I am a native from Richmond and my heart goes out to the runner community there and her family and friends.

Meg’s Miles