Welcome to 2014!

As much as it pains me as a regular gym goer and exerciser, I encourage every to become one of the New Year’s Resolutioners and have getting healthy this year as a goal. I am already dreading the onslaught of newbies in the gym, but if those people decide to stick to it, then I am all for it. However, we all know that most people last the first month or maybe even three and then fall off the bandwagon. But why not start now? And for those already working out regularly, why not do something bigger this year and push your limits.

To continue my goal of using this blog to be held accountable, I am going to post my goals for 2014 here, and I want to start something new at the beginning of each month and do short term goals.

2014 Resolutions Goals

Goal 1: Improve my triathlon race times

Goal 2:  Improve my running times

Goal 3: Finish an Olympic/International Distance Triathlon

Goal 4:  Place in a triathlon this year. This is a stretch for me, but what is life without some lofty goals to obtain?

Goal 5:  Finally lose the last few pounds that have been plaguing me for so long

Goal 6: Push my limits, physically, socially, and mentally.

I know the goals above seem broad,but I don’t want to peg myself to numbers or specifics, I just want to work on improving myself and my fitness.


January Goals (1)

What are your goals for this year?

What do you want to accomplish in January?


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