Do you even lift bro?

I am all about some running and biking (not so much swimming in the winter months though I should), but lately lifting has been my jam. If there are any workouts that I am able to consistently do week in and week out for the past month, it has been weight lifting. I have been getting in my desired three lifts a week (sometimes four, if I am feeling really crazy), and it feels so good.

My strength has increased and the muscles are beginning to show, and I cannot wait to have nice defined muscles. Right now they are semi-defined, as in you can now see where the muscle will be. I have lately been trying to lift heavier instead of just increasing reps, and I really think it is paying off.

I remember when I first went to the gym and I was so nervous. It felt like the first day of school wear I worried about what to wear and that I didn’t know what to do. I meticulously googled exercises to make sure I didn’t look like an idiot doing them (I still google them when I try a new one out I admit). I would almost avoid the gym because I was so worried about what others would think of me working out. Oh there goes the chubby girl, trying to work out, but since then, through working out and lifting weights, my self-confidence has improved. Sometimes, I still look like an idiot I am sure, but today I am a lot more willing to do so. I’ve even asked for help a few times! (which you shouldn’t hesitate to do, most people LOOOOOVE to share their fitness advice…i.e. this blog)

The more that I am in the gym with the real gym rats, the more fun observances I make about gym people, which of course I thought I would share with you.

1. The Cross-fitters. I don’t mean any offense to anyone, but these people are the worst. They do about a million things that drive me insane in the gym. First, they drop their weights from at least waist height, making unnecessary and obnoxious noises. If you can’t properly set the weight back down, maybe you shouldn’t be lifting that heavy? Second, most of them have terrible form. My knees are aching in sympathy for theirs, which are wayyyyyy over their toes when doing squats. There are many more things that drive me insane, but these were a few from this past week.
2. Grunting. I get it, you are exerting a lot of effort, but it sounds like you are about to shit your pants. Sometimes, I let out some noise, but it’s not a constant cacophony.
3. Women lifting “girl” weight. If you are just starting off then I understand that you want to test your limits and see what you can do, but I promise you can lift more than you think. Just make sure you have the correct form and go to work! I have been shaking, tired, and sweating after every lift.
4. Too little clothing. Okay, I get it you have amazing abs. But can you at least wear a shirt. I may feel differently about this if I ever have abs.
5. Too tight clothing. This cannot be comfortable for working out. It certainly isn’t comfortable for me to see.
6. Chit-chatting. This is a place to work out, if you want to socialize then at least don’t stand in front of a machine or prevent others from getting their exercise in.

Alright time for me to get off of my high horse. I am sure that people have problems with me at the gym too. We all have our faults.

What is your gym pet peeve?


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