Part of a Team

I wanted to write quickly to let you all know that I have been accepted as part of SOAS Racing’s 2014 Ambassador team. I had applied on a whim back in December because I love the brand so much, and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I had been accepted.

For all of you women out there, listen up. Last year when I decided to get involved in triathlons, I went on the hunt for a tri suit. I wanted a suit that was flattering, functional, unique, and looked good. I found the brand SOAS at my local triathlon store in Falls Church, Tri360 (go here to find out more about them: It fit well, it was different, the top was long enough, I was beyond happy with the suit. It made me even happier whenever I tried the suit out in all of my triathlons. I have been so happy with this brand that makes suits just for women.

All of this makes me excited to be part of their team for the next year. I will be posting photos of all the gear that I will be rocking this upcoming race season. I chose to endorse this brand because of what it offers women in this sport that seems to be geared to a lot of men.

I have the Navy/Green Rings tri suit, and my mom has the Pink Polka Dots one.

SOAS Navy Rings

Check out SOAS here:

I am excited to share this opportunity and more with you.

What is your favorite tri suit/brand?


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One response to “Part of a Team”

  1. fatguy2triguy says :

    Cool. So important to have gear that fits right and is comfortable. Nothing worse than clothing that chafes or causes problems. Have a great season in 2014.

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