Bras to Keep the Girls in Check

For anyone who is blessed (cursed?) with a large chest, you know the pain and suffering you have to go through in order to find the perfect sports bra. You look at the clasps, only two eye and hooks, oh please, this isn’t amateur hour. Three minimum, please. And adjustable straps. Oh…and thanks, I guess white or black will have to do because that’s all that is available. I will just be over here lusting after that adorable sports bra that will never actually be functional.

Other things I can’t get…anything that zips up the front. This is painful and the one time I tried it on it involved a lot of struggling and mashing. It wasn’t pretty and then my boobs felt like they were right under my neck.

And let’s not get started on the price tag. At least you will get almost endless use out of it, which is why I advocate splurging a little bit on a good sports bra that gives you support and doesn’t chafe. These are based on my personal recommendations and experience, not about endorsing any one brand. I tend to not branch out once I find something that works for me.

Also, when selecting a bra, a good choice is to choose maximum support, this narrows down the odds of getting a bra that doesn’t support running or other intense exercise.

So Underarmour no long sells my favorite sports bra:


But it is pretty similar to this one (but I have criss cross straps which I really like):

The other bra, which I have now used to run 7+ miles, actually adds some sexiness to a functional bra. My only complaint is that the band under the bra folds when I workout, but it hasn’t created any chafing, so oh well. Plus for me, I feel so sexy wearing this bra and some capris around the house.


(This bra breaks my three hook rule, but I really love it)

What sports bra works for you?

Do girls with smaller chests have problems finding sports bras too?


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