Weekly Workout Summary

Week two of the funk continues. I have been exhausted and unmotivated and the weather outside has got me down.
Sunday – off
Monday- 1:40 bike ride on indoor trainer to The World’s End. A decent indoor ride but the movie took awhile to really get into
Tuesday – weights
Wednesday – weights
Thursday – weights
Friday – off
Saturday – off

Do you notice a trend here? I am rocking my lifts but am definitely taking too many rest says and not doing enough training to gets ready for the triathlon season.

Part of this I think has to do with the dark. I have always been terrified of the dark. It rattles me to the core if I allow myself to think what could be out there. And lately waking up after dreams of being kidnapped are not motivating me to go outside at 5am for a run.

But it’s time to snap out of this rut and get back on the bike, quite literally. Oh and back to the roads and back in the pool. This week will be about dragging myself out of bed to create the rhythm and get back in the flow.

It’s time to stop making excuses because I have goals and things I want to do and this mental battle is not helping. I know that during and after a workout I always feel amazing.

What do you do to break out of a rut?


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