Happy 50th Mom!

My mom is an inspirational woman. She started doing triathlons and running about 8 years ago, and last year whenever I decided to start my journey to get fit, I knew I wanted to follow in her footsteps and do triathlons. I spectated at as many of her races as I could make it too and supported her through her journey, just as she supports me through mine.

Mom killing it

Mom killing it

Now we participate in races together, thankfully not even remotely in the same age group. We talk to each other about training and try to match our race schedules as close as possible. We push each other. We get each other way too much gear (see my Christmas post). Having my mom as my fellow triathlete is an amazing experience. It gives us a built in support system and cheering section. Any time we pass each other on the course, we hoot and holler and people probably think we are crazy.

Mom of the left Me in the middle Cousin on the right

Mom of the left
Me in the middle
Cousin on the right

Last year, my mom and I competed in two triathlons, one fun 5k (Warrior Dash), and a half marathon together. This next year, we have at least three triathlons, probably two half marathons, and at least one fun 5k.

All of this is to say, Happy 50th Birthday Mom!

At her 50th birthday party

At her 50th birthday party

Workout Update:

Today I killed it in the gym. Not only did I finally complete cardio and weights as scheduled, but I killed my sprint workout this morning. I haven’t done a real sprint workout ever. Normally I just kind of make it up/do whatever I want, but I found this workout in Runner’s, and thought, what the hell, I can give it a go. Definitely a must. I did this workout on a treadmill since it was supposed to snow this morning (unfortunately it didn’t) and put a 1% incline to simulate running outdoors.

15 minutes warm up

10:00 minute pace

4X400m: 15 seconds faster than 5k pace with 2 minutes of rest in between at 10:00 pace





Note: This was supposed to be 3x400m, but at almost the end of my first lap, I somehow made my iPhone go flying through the air. I had to get off the treadmill and the machine had already turned itself off, so I thought fine, I will just start from the beginning then.

1000m: 10 seconds faster than 5k pace with 2 minutes of rest at the end at 10:00 pace

8:32 first 500m

8:18 second 500m

4x200m: sprints with 1 minute of rest in between (10:40 pace)





One minute of cool down at 10:00 then some walking and dynamic stretching

Total: 46:25, 5.03 miles

Average Pace: 9:38

Not only did I complete my fastest 5k (treadmill part 2, after I threw my iPhone) at 27:40, but this was the fastest I have ever completed five miles. It was an excellent way to start my day.


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