Overzealous Race Schedule?

Well I have almost my whole 2014 race schedule fixed! I signed up for two more triathlons yesterday that I had been meaning to and I only have to actually pay for my Olympic distance (price goes up in April, so I am waiting). But I have been toying with trying to add a third half marathon to my schedule. Right now this is what it looks like (this is also under my tab about races)

April 6 – Chasing Chicken Sprint Triathlon
April 27 – Nike Women’s Half Marathon
May 18 – Groundforce IT Sprint Triathlon
June 29 – I Love the Tavern Sprint Triathlon
September 21 – Richmond Rox Olympic Distance Triathlon
October 6 – Sprint Triathlon (TBD I’m choosing between two)
November 15 – Richmond Half Marathon

Now there are a few that I’ve been debating but I wanted your input! I am debating between North Face’s trail half marathon, ZOOMA Annapolis half marathon (both of these are in early June) or trying to find something for October. Suggestions are welcome! Or should I just stick with what I have?

In the meantime I am going to try to reign in my want to sign up for every single race out there! I know it’s not possible to sign up for everything instead I should leave plenty of time for training and rest in between.

Hope everyone is thawing out nicely!

What races are you scheduled for? Which one are you most excited for?

What is your favorite race you’ve ever done?


4 responses to “Overzealous Race Schedule?”

  1. fatguy2triguy says :

    Well spaced out which is important.

  2. stewartpark says :

    I don’t think there are too many races in the year just maybe you signed up a little too early for some of them. You will need to taper correctly in order to peak for the specific races that you need/want to.
    My only concern would be the time between the first Sprint Triathlon in April and the half marathon shortly afterwards. If you were to do yourself a mischief it would be hard to recover the season. My race calender is alot less busy than yours (I’m a student saving up for a new bike so every penny counts) the races im doing are on my blog if you’re interested.

    Good Luck with them all! 🙂

    • princessmaddysun says :

      Thank you! I am definitely going to take it easy between the races between April and June then build back up before the Olympic in September.

      Even though you don’t have many races they look awesome! Good luck!!!

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