Weekly Workout Summary

This week I hit almost every single workout I had planned and while some days were better than others, I got it done.

Sunday – weights

Monday – weights + sprint workout. This was the amazing sprint workout I posted about earlier this week. I am looking forward to my sprint date with the treadmill this next week. (NEVER thought I would say that) I really hope last week wasn’t a fluke!

Tuesday – weights + indoor biking on the trainer

Wednesday – very rough hill run + interval swim. I will never ever run hills on a treadmill again. I don’t care what the weather is outside I am doing it there. I thought after Mondays awesome sprint workout I would give the treadmill another try. Lesson learned. The treadmill is only made for certain things for me. However my first swim in awhile was really refreshing and good. Now to just get faster!

Thursday – too lazy and nervous to ride outside (anyone else get this way when it’s been awhile? Just me?) so I did my indoor cardio cinema to 2.5 episodes of American Horror Story: Asylum. Highly recommend this for an indoor ride. Very gripping and scary story.

Friday – 5 mile run. I was supposed to go longer but I was drenched through and freezing. I thought better not to get super sick and headed back early. However did break in my CW-X tights (review coming soon!!! But safe to say I love this. Also note that this is will not be an endorsed review just my thoughts)

Saturday – well deserved rest day and fondue night with friends!

This next week my goal is to try to get outside more, get that second swim in, and finally do my long run.

What are your goals for this next week?

What workout do you dread the most? Which one do you look forward to the most?


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2 responses to “Weekly Workout Summary”

  1. sarahdudek80 says :

    Good work. What a week!

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