Motivation Mondays

To help start Monday off right, I thought I would talk about my current motivation that I am working off of to start my week right and keep powering through.


Jam: My current pump-me-up song is Proud Mary. An oldie but a goodie. I have been digging the nice and easy start then a faster, quick pace to end the song. Really pumping up my run lately.

Excitement: The Beast is coming into town this next weekend and I could not be more excited. We are both looking forward to a weekend without all the craziness surrounding the holidays. Time to sit on the couch and relax, have some nice meals together, and try to get to the gym together. We are notoriously bad at trying to workout together, so I will let you know how this weekend goes.


TV Show: All of my favorite TV shows are coming back after holiday hiatus. I would probably scare you with how many shows I watch, but a few of my favorite are: Parks and Recreation, Once Upon a Time, Biggest Loser, Mindy Project, American Horror Story, Modern Family, Reign, there are probably a few more. Okay, I watch a lot of TV, but most of it is in the background. I like to think it’s my own personal theme music/noise.

Want: I really want to go clothes shopping, for regular every day clothing, dresses, workout clothes. You name it. I want to buy everything. I also want new makeup. And new furniture. Okay, I am in that phase where I want to throw everything out.

Need: Sleep. Lots and lots of sleep. I have been letting myself sleep in whenever I can, and I normally wake up at like 8/8:30 on a good day. However, lately, I have been sleeping in until 10. My body is exhausted.

What is going to get you through this week? What are you looking forward to most?


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