Let’s Be Real

After such an uplifting post yesterday about finding the motivation at the beginning of the week, I am going to get real with you today. I realize I have been relatively chipper here on my blog, but let’s face it, that’s not real life. Real life has its ups and downs and sideways motions and everything in between. And man has this last week in training got me down.

Following my killer workout on the treadmill last Monday, it feels like all my other training sessions have been blah. I have been consistently slower than numbers I was putting up earlier and when it comes to my lifts, I am pushing through every single moment of them waiting for the end. I think I just fell out of my groove and need to find a good rhythm again.

In part, I think this is because of my diet and sleep cycle. I have been feeling like crap. I know, I know, I can only blame it on myself for what I put in my body, and I really am trying to be better about it. It’s a mental battle every day to avoid processed foods and sweets. I have never really given myself to training like I have been lately, so I never really saw how much my food choices affect my ability to perform well.

But, now I am feeling them.

Add on a seized up calf muscle that I am letting relax so that it doesn’t become anything more than a couple of days of discomfort.

I am really hoping this realization about the connection between food and exercise will be the kicker that forces me to really clean up my diet act. I want to do better this season. I want to perform at my best. I want to blow away last season. I want to be faster. All this means, losing that last bit of weight, which means healthy eating.

Luckily, the Beast coming in town means that we will be very very good. I already have some really yummy recipes planned for us this weekend that I will share later.

What has been getting you down lately?


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