A Tragedy in the Running Community

When a tragedy happens in the running community the support spreads like wildfire. Runners come together in these times. Despite the sadness, it is heartening to see how the community of runners join together.

On Monday, Meg Cross Menzies a mother of three and avid runner was hit and killed by a drunk driver at 8am during her training run for the Boston Marathon. She was also a member of the Richmond Road Runners in Virginia.

To support awareness of drunk driving, runner/cyclist safety, and texting and driving join me and countless others in commemorating Meg’s life by running. Tune into your body and the feeling of running. Let go of everything else and focus on what’s important. Post on whatever social media outlet you want with the hashtag #megsmiles

Even though I did not know Meg, I am a native from Richmond and my heart goes out to the runner community there and her family and friends.

Meg’s Miles



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6 responses to “A Tragedy in the Running Community”

  1. sarahdudek80 says :

    I will be running. Thanks for sharing!

  2. joggingproud says :

    Today was going to be my day off, but after reading this, I think I shall run.

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