Where did this week go???

Sorry I have been MIA almost all week. It seemed to fly by and I was constantly busy fitting in workouts and having dinner with a few friends. Since I was getting anxious for the Beast to come in town I loaded up my social calendar to distract me. In return for my absence I thought I would use today’s post to share a little bit more about me.

I have only been doing triathlons/running/exercising seriously for about a year. I was one of those dreaded New Year’s Resolutioners on a journey to change my life. In it I found two sports that I love and there is no going back now. The bug has definitely gotten me.

Beast and I have been together for almost seven years. We aren’t engaged or married, still dating. That question may be one of the most dreaded questions I get from anyone, “when are y’all getting married?” Well we will when we are both financially stable…and live in the same city. We are currently in a long distance relationship, which sometimes I really actually love.

My mom inspired me to do triathlons. She started doing them in 2006, and I would always go to her races but never participate. We did a mother/daughter one my senior year of high school that was really short and included kayaking instead of swimming. I didn’t train. I didn’t do anything for it. I wish now that I had started training then though.

I am on a journey to getting for and losing weight. I am working to be able to see what my body can do but along the way I am also trying to lose weight. I lost 20 pounds in the past year and I’m hoping for 20 more this year.

I have two little sisters. The middle sister is in Kentucky getting her Psy.D in psychology while the littlest one is on her sophomore year of high school. We are all very different from one another and are still learning to work through those kinks.

My parents are divorced. They split up when I was 12, but I think it’s worked out for the best for both of them. My mom is a little crazy, outgoing, do anything type that I can talk to about anything. My dad is more conservative, intellectual and my go to for a new book or to discuss serious things.

I want to do an Ironman. When I first started out I said I would never do a marathon and definitely not an Ironman. Well here we are now. I know it’s still a few years out but I want to do one. There will be a lot of training and sacrifice to get there but it’s a process, a journey.

Tell me a little bit about yourself!

And most importantly for forget to run today for the runner Meg, who was killed by a drunk driver earlier this week and use this in social media #megsmiles


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