Weekly Workout Summary

Yet another week down. These weeks seem to be flying by and triathlon season is just around the corner. This was a weird week since I didn’t feel well or was pretty sore for most of it. Hopefully this next week will be better.

Sunday – 14 Mile Bike; 5k Run. Oh man. This was a rough workout. This was my first increase in mileage for my BRICK workout, and it was intense. My legs felt like lead during the bike ride, probably in part due to the crazy wind that was going on. I literally passed a sailing lesson on my bike, which made me feel better about why I wasn’t really moving. After the bike, it took everything I had to get back out there and go for a run. I wanted to only do the 2 miles I had been doing beforehand, but I pushed myself for the whole 5k. I tried to gradually build up speed, but my legs would not take me any faster than about a 10:45 pace if I was pushing. Not the best workout, but I did it.

Monday – Weights. I had some pretty intense calf muscle cramping today so I took some extra time to foam roll.

Tuesday – Weights. Still letting my calf rest, so some more foam rolling.

Wednesday – Rest Day. Today was not a good day. Every single part of my body hurt. My lower back, my stomach, my legs. It all ached. Side effects of shark week.

Thursday – Long Bike Ride. Feeling better, but not 100%, plus I had to give blood at the doctor’s office, which meant, better to play it safe than sorry and do the indoor trainer. I biked for two hours, which was my longest ride for training yet. I’ve done more for fun, but this was intense and focused. I even had to change movies. I watched The Spectacular Now and A.C.O.D. (Adult Children of Divorce). Both were okay, pretty decent, but not out of this world.

Friday – 14 Mile Bike; 5k Run. I cannot even tell you what a difference this workout was from Sunday’s. The bike felt so good and I felt like I was flying (even when I was going into the wind…although the wind was definitely less intense). I averaged 4:06 on the bike for the ride. The run was a little difficult, but I managed to do what I had intended on Sunday’s run and increase my pace throughout. I averaged 10:29 for the run, definitely a good starting place for the season.

Saturday – 1 Mile Run for Meg’s Miles. I focused more on my thoughts about her and her family on my run the next day which I will recap next week.

How was your last week of training?


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