Trade Em Up Tuesdays

I thought I would borrow from one of my favorite bloggers, Alex at The Run Within, and do a “Trade em Up Tuesday” post today.

I would NOT trade…the burn in my thighs. After last night’s speed session (preceded by leg day in the gym that morning, not my smartest move), my legs are on fire. They are crying right now, but the soreness feels good. It means I am pushing myself to get faster and do more.

I would NOT trade…the impending snow. I know it will make things a mess and difficult and it will be cold, but I really love snow. It looks beautiful and it just really makes me happy. It may also call for some hot chocolate.

I would trade…the dry weather. My hands are dry and constantly need lotion. My lips are cracked and bleed every time I walk outside. Badass or gross? Probably more gross than anything else.

I would trade…my aversion to water in the winter. It takes every fiber of my being to get into the pool during the winter. I just don’t want to be wet. It may be my long hair and how long it takes to dry or that I hate feeling cold and wet. But it’s really impeding on my desire to go swimming, which is essential for triathlon training really.

I would NOT trade…a busy few days off this weekend. I have dinner plans on Friday night for a friend’s birthday and then hopefully finally seeing my Dad on Saturday (plans TBD).

I would NOT trade…my green tea-lemonade concoction. It is delicious and helps me drink water and is a much better alternative to drinking copious amounts of soda.

I would trade…my sweets addiction. Still going strong. Still trying to minimize it. Luckily, adhering to Weight Watchers again will certainly help me keep it in check. More on Weight Watchers in a few weeks after I’ve stuck to counting my points again.


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2 responses to “Trade Em Up Tuesdays”

  1. Alex @ therunwithin says :

    woooooo trade em up baby! what is it with this super dry/cold skin reaction? it is the worst it has been this year! I am assuming you have a snow day as well… despite the sunny skies. hilarious.

    • princessmaddysun says :

      At least it finally snowed haha! And I am constantly carrying around lotion and Chapstick. Before I head out the door for a run or bike I put it on and then I spend the entire time licking my lips like a weirdo so they aren’t dry.

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