Indoors or Outdoors?

Thanks to another smattering of snow, I am confined inside for my bike rides. While I think that I could probably run outside by my next scheduled run (tomorrow), I don’t think I will be able to bike outside for quite a few more days. Unfortunately the paths I go on have some shady spots which means some hidden icy patches, and I’ve already wiped out several times in the past few months (This is something I am REALLY good at doing).

So what does this mean? I’ve told y’all about my homemade cardio cinema setting up the bike trainer and going to town while watching a movie. I even made it for two hours the other day, which was the longest on my trainer ever and the longest on my bike in quite some time. However, I am worried that I am not getting the same workout in that I get outside. I’ve read some literature on it, such as the Ironman article here (, but I still want to ensure that the time I am logging will equate to faster times outside.

To make sure I achieve this, I have some new things that I am going to try to do in the upcoming weeks as winter slogs on.

1. 1. Get a bike computer. I intend on getting a cheap bike computer that will attach to my back wheel and tell me how fast and far I am going during a workout. I think this will give me a little bit more insight into how my training is going.

2. Go to spin classes at my gym. I admit I am horrible at doing this. I tend to avoid crowds whenever I workout, which is something that I really want and need to work on doing. I am just always afraid that I won’t be able to keep up (which is less of a problem in an indoor spin class…no one will notice me turning down the intensity)

3. On days that I do get to go outside I need to find some more hills. I am terrified of biking up and down hills with my feet clipped in.

So this is where I turn to y’all.

What do you do during the winter to keep up with your bike workouts?

Anyone who lives near DC have any good hill routes?


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6 responses to “Indoors or Outdoors?”

  1. Alex @ therunwithin says :

    the sidewalks are ridiculous, it is like dc has no idea about how to use a shovel or plow. I wanted to say I could maybe run outside tomorrow but looks like no dice at all – doubt with this freeze anything will melt. i’m the same way with spin, I keep thinking one morning I will try a spin class but gosh i just fear the boredom that will ensue. I keep trying to bribe my gym buddy to go with me one morning because I swear she is what keeps me going to strength classes and stay accountable to them.

    • princessmaddysun says :

      Weight lifting I can do. I feel comfortable doing it most of the time. Spinning, ehhh. But I might try tonight!

      I almost slipped on the sidewalk about a bajillion times today. I really don’t want to do my run inside tomorrow. Maybe if we are really REALLY careful.

  2. Paul Squire says :

    I have a Bike Computer and a Heart Monitor attached to my Turbo Trainer. I follow The Sufferfest videos to provide some structure to my work-outs. It’s not ideal, it’s not outside, but I think it’s doing me good. I can’t wait until Spring arrives! Good luck!

  3. catjansen says :

    I train with a squad and we have at least 1 wind trainer session a week – great for the time conscious! Try googling wind trainer workouts because I’m sure you can find a few sets out there – essentially spin classes but much more enjoyable in front of your own TV!

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