Gym Clothes Make or Break You

For my male readers, I apologize, this post might be a tad girly. I am a firm believer that your clothes can make or break your day. When I get a new top/accessory/ pants/skirt/dress/whatever, I feel on top of the world. I want to wear it everywhere. I love shopping and getting new clothes, but I have been refraining lately. Mainly because I haven’t been going anywhere or doing anything but working out, so I just want to buy workout clothes. Then again, those are so comfy I could wear them around non-stop too.

Why do I bring this up? Well, today I threw on literally the first thing that my hand touched to go to the gym. I didn’t even think about it until I got in front of the mirror. I had grabbed a very large oversized t-shirt and some pants that I don’t know why I have (they are an awkward length on my 5’3” frame coming to just over the knee). I missed my leggings and cute tshirts/tech shirts. It made me loose a little bit of my confidence wearing clothes that didn’t flatter me. When I feel like I look good, I perform better because I feel on top of the world.

Yes, I admit this post makes me sound very vain, and maybe I am (Confession, I am vain in some ways). But I like looking good for myself. At the gym, at work, out with friends. Maybe not so much at home, that’s me time.

I have worked hard to get this body and I am working harder to see new changes in it every day, so I want to see that. I know not everyone is into the newest workout clothes, but they make me workout harder so that I feel like In earned them.

In other news, my seven year anniversary with the Beast is coming up in March, and I found the perfect dress that I want to wear. I’m pretty sure his jaw will drop when he sees me in it, especially since I intend on wearing heels with it too (getting pretty crazy here I know).

Anniversary Dress

What do you wear to make you confident?

What makes you feel good in the gym?



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