Weekly Workout Summary

Phew this week was long and a lot of workouts were done indoors (Thanks beautiful, terrible snow). My body is tired but energized after training this week.

Sunday: 5.6 mile run and weights. Oops this was supposed to be a longer run but my legs were not happy and my mind was in a weird funk. However I did do most of my run as part of a trip to Giant. It feels good to literally run errands.

Monday: Sprint workout. I accidentally overslept and ended up only doing three miles. After such a killer sprint workout a couple of weeks ago this sessions was a little disappointing but I did it.

Tuesday: 40 minute bike and weights.

Wednesday: 40 minute bike and weights. Hmm…a pattern?

Thursday: Two hour bike ride on the trainer and 1.1 mile swim. The bike was rough. I wanted to leap off of it and be done. But it made my swim feel about a million times better. Still pretty slow but I can’t really complain since I haven’t practiced.

Friday: 6.5 mile long run. This was the slowest I have ever been in my life thanks to the slippery ice patches and trudging through several inches of snow alternatively. I got it done but it was cold and rough. See the bridge picture. I crossed that bitch twice and cursed its name the whole time.

Saturday: 5k run; 55 minute bike. I decided to switch up my brick workout and start with my run since I could do that outside. It was much better conditions and the bike felt pretty good afterwards.

Ready for another long week with lots of triathlon workouts!



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