Fa Fa Fa Freezing

The temperature has dropped once again and it’s freezing cold outside. Literally. At least it seems like we will escape the snow this time around on DC. I’m looking forward to a high of 27 tomorrow. Yay?

For now in the chilly temps of 11 degrees, I give you another edition of Trade Em Up Tuesdays.

I would NOT trade how amazing the show Revenge has been. I’m almost up to date and it so addictive and good.

I would NOT trade that this season on Biggest Loser the contestants will be competing in a triathlon. It makes for a perfect long bike ride tonight.

I would trade the bad news the Beast received yesterday about a new job. But we are trying to be positive and keep on going.

I would NOT trade the delicious taste of a bagel with peanut butter, honey, and banana. Nom nom nom. This is such a delicious breakfast.

I would trade these cold temperatures. It makes it hard for running and biking but then again so does a sweltering summer. There is one good thing about the winter…

I would NOT trade getting in my workouts outside at 2/3pm because it’s the warmest part of the day. This time of day to workout is really growing on me. Alas our love cannot last.

What’s one thing you would trade? What’s one you wouldn’t?


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