January Report Card, February Goals

As January has drawn to a close, I thought it was time to do my report card on my goals for January. Let’s just say, I may have set the bar a little too high for myself…or I was very lazy.

Goal 1: Do speedwork once a week – C. I skipped two weeks on this just because of other workouts/things going on, but if I want to get better I need to make this a priority for running.

Goal 2: Swim once a week – B. I only skipped one week of swimming, but otherwise got in the pool once a week. I even attended a swim clinic on Thursday that I am dying to try out. I want to see if this new way I learned to swim does anything (more to come on this later).

Goal 3: Weigh myself only once a week – B+. I was really good at doing this for the most part. However, I think that I lost my daily accountability that led me to slide and fall really hard on the weight loss front. My number has decided to stay right where it pleases, and it will continue to do so as long as my terrible eating habits continue, which leads to…

Goal 4: Sweets once a week – FFFFFFFF. I went two whole days in the month without splurging on some sort of sweet. Every. Single. Day. That is a problem. I am all about everything in moderation, but sweets and I don’t know moderation.

Goal 5: Push harder – A+. While I think I can continue to work on this one, I am really proud of what I accomplished with my workouts during January. I turned up the intensity and increased my fitness big time. I can now bike for over two hours (on the trainer, but still). I can consistently run under a 30 minute 5k. I can lift more.

Now, since the report card is done for January, I am closing the chapter on that month and starting fresh with February.

Goal 1: Listen to what my body needs, not my cravings. You know the charts I am talking about. Basically, like this: http://www.dianastobo.com/food-cravings/. I am going to try to follow these rules for February to be more in tune with myself rather than just giving in any time I want something.

Goal 2: Get under a 29 minute 5k. A new take on speed work. I really want to be able to get down even further, but I figure taking 30 seconds off my fastest time in a month will be a good goal.

Goal 3: Stick with my training plans for the half marathon and triathlons coming up. Self explanatory

Goal 4: Wash my face once a week. I have been breaking out like crazy, probably because of sweets and sweat drying on me constantly. Super sexy I know.

Goal 5: Work on my swim technique. The clinic emphasize a lot that I need I start putting into practice.

How was your January?

What are your goals for February?


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