Must Focus on the Good

It may only be Tuesday but this week is already a doozy. At least my workouts are going pretty damn well. Must focus on the positive.

I would NOT trade… this amazing book I am reading by Swim Bike Mom called Triathlon for the Every Woman. I may have done several (3!) triathlons before but this book is refreshing and insightful and wonderful and as I gear up for this upcoming triathlon season this book is exactly what I need on so many levels.

I would NOT trade…how good my run felt today. I went on a hill run and practiced heart rate training for the first time and while I was slower than normal I felt better than ever before. I could have gone and gone and gone.

I would NOT trade…the Biggest Loser finale tonight being perfectly timed for my two hour indoor bike ride. It makes me feel so good and entertains me for the entire ride.

I would NOT trade…this weekend’s unplanned but much needed trip home to see family.

I would NOT trade…my boyfriend’s ability to make me smile and laugh when I need it most. Sorry for being all gushy but this was pretty important this week.

I would trade… some bad news I received this week. I just hope that the end
of this week will hold better news. Please keep fingers crossed and prayers. My family and I would greatly appreciate it.

What is the positive thing you are focusing on this week?


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