Loving a Triathlete

Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re single or attached, I hope that everyone enjoys today. If not a romantic dinner/date/etc then rejoice that tomorrow morning, lots of candy and chocolate will be marked 50-75% off for your consumption pleasures.

As someone who is dating a nontraditional romantic man, I’ve learned that romance doesn’t always come with a dozen red roses and your traditional style of romance that is seen in movies. You know what is romantic: caring about what I care about, supporting me, doing little things, showing me love in the ways that count. For me, that obviously means supporting me in my racing endeavors. The Beast has been absolutely amazing. Sure, we have had our bumps along the way in races and training, but that’s normal.

For today, I have compiled some things that the Beast and I have been through with me becoming a triathlete/runner.

1. Naming my bike and referring to it by that name. My bike’s name is Beyonce. We like to listen to Single Ladies a lot.

2. Going to bed super early for a long run/bike ride the next morning. Luckily, the Beast is totally down with this one. He loves sleeping and relaxing. I just have to make sure I don’t wake him up in the morning then I have to pay for it.

3. Going to all the races I sign up for. Now this isn’t a requirement, but it is definitely something that is greatly appreciated.

4. Caveat – never sign up for a race on an important date. This year I signed up for a race on my birthday, but that’s my day to spend however I want. The Beast’s birthday, that’s off limits. His day to spend how he wants.

5. Presents = new gear. The Beast has really gotten the hang of this. He understands that there is always something new and cool or something that I need. He’s gotten into researching the gear and has been a tremendous help. My Garmin watch was the best piece of jewelry I’ve ever received.

6. I’m still learning, which means there is still a lot of frustration. This came out last weekend whenever I recruited him to help me change a tire and well, it was a disaster. We fought over this damn tire for over an hour, cursing and being angry in general. In the end though, covered in grease, we both said we were sorry, and put the tire incident behind us.

7. You push each other. Even though the Beast doesn’t like to race, he pushes me for my competitions, and I push him in the gym. He even recently said he may take up running more seriously (but never a race!).

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day!


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2 responses to “Loving a Triathlete”

  1. arnie118 says :

    Really enjoyed this wee read! Understanding partners are soo important!👍

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