Let It Go

So I know that I have been missing the last few days. I honestly don’t know where the time went. Time is zooming by right now and it’s almost March! This week I will spare you a recap of my weekly workouts, but I promise to bore you to tears next week. If you’re really interested you can go check me out at daily mile: http://www.dailymile.com/people/MaddisonW

Instead today’s post will be a Trade ‘Em Up Tuesday!

I would trade my lack of motivation. Even though I have somehow been getting in my workouts and they have been really good, it has taken me hours to get up motivation to actually move. For some reason (probably the cold weather) my bed and couch covered in warm blankets have been much more enticing than leaving my apartment to brave the cold outdoors. Once I’m there it’s all good but it’s the process that takes a lot.

I would NOT trade an upcoming surprise. I have something special planned for Sunday that I can’t wait to share with you all. No its not a giveaway. Or really an exciting news. But it is something I have been planning for almost a month. Let’s just hope it goes off without a hitch.

I would NOT trade the amazingness of Gilmore Girls. Need I say more, really? My mom uncovered all the seasons my sister left behind. This may be contributing to my lack of motivation.

I would NOT trade finally seeing Frozen! I went to a movie last night, by myself. The Beast said that was sad and he would go with me, but I really wanted to see it and I thought I would spare him from a Disney princess movie. I really enjoyed the movie and the songs. It was nice to see family/sisterly love as a main theme. They also pointed out that you can’t marry someone you just met, which was hilarious. However, let us not forget other princesses who don’t marry someone they just met. Jasmine: it took her THREE movies to marry Aladdin. Nala: yes, I am including lion royalty, but they were life long friends. Belle: okay maybe she had a little bit of Stockholm syndrome, but they did grow to love each other!

I would trade the fact that race season starts in less than six weeks for me. Cue me slightly freaking out. Let’s hope all this training will pay off. I just need to remember that the place to push myself is definitely in a race. Speaking of which I need to update the races section!

What would you trade or not trade this week?


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