Do It For The Kids

I read so many amazing blogs about women and mothers who are kicking ass and taking names and accomplishing some amazing fitness goals. Some of these moms may face criticism for devoting so much time to fitness. Or their own worst enemy may be the guilt they face because they want to go workout and escape from their children.

Today I am going to write from the POV of one of these children.

My mom does triathlons. She runs half marathons. She’s pretty damn amazing. For most of my childhood we didn’t really do fitness. I rode horses and my sisters danced and that was enough for us. My parents didn’t really exercise or nothing that really sticks out to me.

That is until 2007 when my crazy mom suddenly decided to do triathlons. I don’t know why she decided to do it. But I think she found solace in the hours on the bike and running and swimming. She was in the midst of starting her own business, which then failed. And I think this was her getaway from slaving away and trying to make her business work.

It kinda sunk in for me in high school that fitness was something that I should incorporate into my life, but it didn’t stick. However, what did stick was supporting my mom in her athletic endeavors. The Beast and I went to cheer her in at triathlons and even did a weekend away with her one weekend for a triathlon. It became harder when I went off to college, but I continued to try to go to her competitions.

When I decided that I wanted to change my life and start my road to getting healthy, my mom and I signed up for a sprint triathlon together. Now that I’m older I see why my mom found her solace in this type of exercise. I know why she needed to leave the house sometimes to do these workouts. I understand why she’d be gone for hours.

At the time I kind of understood. I knew my mom needed to do her own thing and it made her happy. But I had no idea how much. I know that now. I have experienced it.

She is a role model for me and me starting triathlons helped jump start my mom back into it after taking off a couple of years. I hope that I can do for her what she did for me. Now we compete together, we cheer each other on, we share workout successes and failures. We run together.

I hope all the moms (and dads of course) out there read this and know, hey it’s okay for me to workout because you are finding your sanity and you re setting an example. And maybe one day your child and you can share your love of a sport together.




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