Oh man, what a week. The first half went really well with training. In the second half I think I started to get really tired and run down.

Sunday: Long bike ride. I honestly cannot even remember what I watched while I biked. Last Sunday seems like an eternity ago. I was able to make it for two hours though. Lately trying to get back up to 2.5 hours just seems impossible.

Monday: sprint workout, steady swim. This was a great workout day. I was very very pleased with both of my workouts. I rocked it on my sprint workout, pushing myself to reach much better times than I have been getting lately. My in between recovery portions I have been splitting up with a one minute walk then one minute slow jog before doing the next portion of my intervals. After a nice sweat poring session on the treadmill I headed to the pool and got in a very solid 2100 meter swim, which I think may be my first ever swim over 2000 meters. It felt steady and after this double workout I felt absolutely amazing.

Tuesday: REST

Wednesday: Brick workout. Since I hadn’t gone out on the trail since the snow storm, I had no idea what the trails looked like even though the weather seemed nice. So…I biked inside on my trainer. It was also a weird biking session because I biked for about 50 minutes then had a skype date with one of my good friends in Texas for an hour and a half. Afterwards I jumped back on for another 30 minutes then got ready for my four mile run. When I headed out for my run, I decided to push it. I have been getting nervous as to whether I can run my 10k at the end of March in under an hour (I would be happy with 59:59). I figured if I could hold a pace for 4 miles, I could do it for 2.2 more. I managed to do four miles in 39 minutes for an average 9:41/mile pace. This puts be just at an hour if I hold if for the next 2.2. So fingers crossed that with another month of dedicated training I can do it. And hopefully this bodes good things for the upcoming triathlon season and Nike Women’s Half Marathon at the end of April.

Thursday: 10 miles easy. What’s better than a kickass workout? Two days in a row of kickass workouts. My legs were semi sore when I woke up from the previous day’s workout. I knew I wouldn’t be pushing it and that the run would probably feel good. However, I also haven’t run more than 8 miles since the Richmond Half Marathon…in November. The run felt so good that I contemplated seeing what I could do in 3.1 more miles, but decided to stick to the training plan.

Friday: Short bike. After two killer workouts, I really wanted to take it easy. I hoped on the bike for a quick workout just under an hour. Felt good to shake my legs out.

Saturday: 4ish mile run. I had planned on doing a fast run/slow run. I wanted to do 3 minutes fast, 3 minutes slow. However, just before three miles my mom called and I decided to answer since I hadn’t talked to her in awhile. I walked for a little bit since I was on a time crunch then realized I could use my handy dandy headphones to talk and run. It wasn’t fast, as obviously I was trying to keep a conversational pace.

Big things are coming today. I can’t wait to fill you all in on it.


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