Surprises are the Best

I teased last week that I had a surprise coming up, and that surprise happened on Sunday!

My mom had signed up a couple of months ago for a half marathon, and unfortunately a few things prevented me from being able to do it. One of which is the fact that last week was my first ten mile run since the half marathon, and my first ten mile training run ever. As such, I knew I wasn’t going to be going home and wouldn’t be able to see her race.

Then I got a crazy idea a few weeks ago. What if I did decide to go see her race? I shared my plan with the Beast and we plotted out some logistics. As luck would have it the race was extremely convenient to his apartment in Richmond.

So Sunday morning after a delicious breakfast of eggs and bacon and pancakes with the Beast, we headed out to somewhere between mile 7 and 8 to wait for my mom. I made some cool signs for spectating, and the Beast brought his new baby, a Nikon D610, out to play.

We waited for about 20 minutes before I saw her coming across the bridge and rounding the corner. At first she smiled and waved as she recognized us (probably instinct after many years of us watching her races), then she realized we weren’t supposed to be there. She immediately jumped in the air and screamed and had a big smile across her face.

The Beast and I then headed out to the finish line. After watching someone spectacularly vomit about 50m from the finish and continue to the finish line, with a nice incident right in front of me, my mom finished with her best half marathon yet. Oh and finished fourth in her age group, so not a bad race at all.

She then went to go enjoy the wine festival associated with the race while the Beast and I went to a Brew party with his friends. For those interested, this brew party consisted of one of the Beast’s friends brewing beer in a backyard while we all sat around drinking previous batches of beer he had brewed.







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