Curse of Heels

On Sunday, I broke out my cowboy boots and wore them for around 8 or so hours. They looked great. Well, they always look great, and they are comfy. However, something I hadn’t thought about was that I have worn flats for small periods of times and then the rest of the time I wear tennis shoes. This means awesome support most of the time.

Boots have a slight heel, one that I am not used to. Do not wear something new and expect everything to be the same in running and training. My legs hurt a little bit that night, but nothing unbearable. The next day however, it hurt. My calves were tight and my ankle/right muscle connecting my ankle and calf hurt. I have a weird tendency to roll my ankles out to the side, particularly when I wear my boots. So I took Monday off.

Tuesday, I decided to test it out and did a speed workout followed by a swim. My legs felt okay on the run, but I chalked it up to not working out since Saturday. The pool felt amazing, particularly how cool it was on my sweaty, hot body.

Wednesday, I woke up and my legs hurt. They were beyond sore and the weird muscle between my ankle and calf was killing me. Plus, I had a slight twinge in my lower left back, which I chalk up to compensating for a hurting leg while running. I decided to take another day off and use less exercise time for a lot more sleep time. I slept for 9.5 hours.

Thursday, I decided to take off to give my legs/back another day to relax, particularly because my back is something I do not mess around with. I tend to baby it a little bit actually.

So here I am, having only worked out 1 out of the last five days, and it hurts. Mentally, I am struggling and feeling like I am losing every last inch of my fitness. I feel like tomorrow when I go out, I will be significantly slower and worse at everything. Physically, I feel worse. I miss the endorphins. I miss feeling good about my body. Right now I feel like a slug.

Taking off so many days of working out also doesn’t help my plateau with my weight that I’ve been going through. I know that once I am able to get back on the workout train, I need to crack down on snacking/food so that way I can be in the best shape possible for my upcoming race season.


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2 responses to “Curse of Heels”

  1. Kristin says :

    You’ll get back into it…if your legs needed the break, I’m sure they appreciated it and are ready to go!!! 🙂

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