A week of (needed) rest

I filled you guys in on this past week’s ups and more importantly downs when it came to training. Since most of my workouts were detailed already, I will do a quick recap with the days I haven’t told you about yet.

Sunday: Rest

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Sprint workout + 1200m easy swim

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 80 minute bike. I was planning on doing a shakeout run afterwards but I wanted to continue to take it easy on my legs, so I just biked. It felt good to be back on the bike though.

Saturday: 12 mile run. After taking most of the week off from working out/running I could tell that my ability to keep my heart rate down had been depleted. It took me quick a few miles before I leveled off into my zone 2 heart rate without having to do walk intervals, which was extremely frustrating. Also, not running for even a week made these 12 miles rough. I had done 10 the week beforehand, so this was already a lot for me to do, but I set out to do it. My legs starting feeling it at mile 8, and by mile 10 I was counting down every quarter of a mile. Oh, and did I mention that I forgot to bring my water. Yeah…big mistake. Luckily, I will give a shout out to Clif Bar Shot Blocks (not endorsed) for having a gooey like substance that whenever I sucked on them it created a water like substance. I REALLY do not recommend running this long without water. I averaged 13:13/mile, which really was not my best time. But right now it is about keeping my heart rate low on long runs and building up my endurance, not my speed.

Now I am getting back on the training plan and back to my fitness…oh and back on eating healthily to fuel my body properly. Race season is literally just around the corner. How is it March already? Part of me is excited and another part of my absolutely terrified.

Here’s to another week!


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