Somehow it’s still Tuesday

After another snow storm, albeit a baby one, which somehow resulted in even worse road conditions, I am even more ready than before for a nice spring. Don’t come yet summer. I want spring. I want warmish/cool temperatures with flowers and sunshine and longer hours in the day instead of night. And green. I want green. I know snow is pretty but it pretty quickly becomes slush and brown and nasty and gross. These are the moments when I realize that I am an adult.

I would trade…SNOW. For the reasons listed above, and that I want to ride my bike outside. And for longer than my short rides that I have been doing. I am really nervous about my ability to ride a bike for a long time outside since my long bike rides have all been on my indoor trainer.

I would trade…chafing. I have not chafed in a long time. I consider myself pretty fortunate in this, but for some reason lately I have been getting some nice underwear chafing. Yes, I wear underwear when I run. I know this makes me weird, but I like wearing underwear. Whatever.

I would trade…car shopping next weekend. The Beast has needed a new car for quite some time now, so next weekend we are going to be heading out with his mom to get it done finally. I really wish it could be any other weekend, but if we don’t do it now who knows when we actually will.

I would NOT trade…the Beast and I’s SEVEN year anniversary next weekend. Yes, you read that right. Seven years of dating. Since I was the ripe old age of 16 and he was 18. And now here we are, miniature adults trying to mesh our lives together.

I would NOT trade…an impromptu 5k this weekend. Oh, what? I didn’t tell you about that? Well, I signed up for a 5k on Saturday literally 10 minutes from my mom’s house. I am excited/nervous for it. I want to see what this winter training has done.

I would NOT trade…the excuse Lent gives me to start over with my diet (again). I am a gold medalist when it comes to self-sabotage. Really, I am quite excellent at it. And with a lapse in training last week, I can tell that my diet habits have gotten really bad since the only thing keeping me from gaining weight was lots of exercise.

I would trade…anything for sleep. I am exhausted and could sleep for hours and hours and hours. I really don’t know what it is, but on my off days I sleep until like 11 without batting an eye. How is this even possible? It’s like I am a teenager again.

I would NOT trade…celebrating my Nanny’s birthday (74!) this weekend. We have a few things up our sleeve, but it will be nice to see family.

I would NOT trade…seeing friends! I am seeing an old high school and college friend when I am home this week, and I could not be more ecstatic about it. Some much needed girl time in my near future.


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