Sunday Funday

This weekend was everything that I hoped it could be. Nanny’s birthday went off without a hitch and a lot of laughter. I got a pretty good ab workout from it actually. Driving back to DC from Richmond tonight all I could think of was how happy I am. I have the best family, the best friends, and the best boyfriend. Back to the real world now, but another weekend in my happy paradise is just around the corner.

Sunday – 2 hour bike ride. During the first hour I watched The Walking Dead, which made for a fantastic ride, but the second hour I didn’t really have anything to watch so it dragged on and on and on. But I did it!

Monday – 30 minute bike, stretch. My legs were feeling tight and I was exhausted, so I did a light spin and then stretched for about 45 minutes. It felt amazing.

Tuesday – REST

Wednesday – 4 mile run, 1700m tempo swim. I had planned on swimming longer, but time started to really get away from me and I still needed to shower so I cut the swim a little short. The run felt meh. I started with music, but then quickly switched to The Office and even though I generally prefer music, watching The Office made my run much easier to keep chugging through. The swim felt sluggish afterwards and I felt like I couldn’t quite catch my breath. I eventually settled into a rhythm. Swim workout – 200m warmup, 2x50m Z1, 50m Z1, 50m Z2, 50m Z3, 50m Z4, 4x300m Z3 swim.

Thursday – 2 hour bike ride. Mom and I set out for an indoor bike ride on our trainers side by side watching About Time. The movie was incredibly moving and for the first 30 minutes made for a slow ride, but the next hour and a half was captivating, 

Friday – REST

Saturday – 1 mile warmup, 5k race, 1 mile cooldown. More to come tomorrow on my impromptu race that I did for my speedwork/tempo run this week. The race felt like a good stretch of the legs and had some killer hills to make me really push myself. Then the family went to a nice French restaurant for lunch followed by a cider tasting at a local urban cidery in Richmond then crab and ribeye steaks for dinner and Cards Against Humanity to cap off the evening.


The Beast and I enjoying some Irish folk music at Blue Bee Cidery in Richmond, VA.ImageLittlest sister and I at the cider tasting. Poor thing had to endure watching the whole family hang out and just watch.


Fancy shot by the Beast at Blue Bee. Go visit! (P.S. All the thoughts on Blue Bee are my own and I was not asked to post about them. I just love this local urban cidery so much)


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