Chester Kiwanis Club 5K Race Report

Earlier last week as I looked through the internet to see what was going on around my hometown I stumbled across this little 5K. I had been itching to see what my race legs could do, and this race looked perfect. On a Saturday morning, but not too early, literally 10 minutes from my house, cheap, and one of my family friends was in charge of the race. I thought what the hell and signed up. It would make for a great tempo run for my week.

Race morning I woke up about an hour before I needed to because even though it was a local race I was reeling to go. I drank water and ate my bread with peanut butter then sat around waiting for my habitually late mom to get ready to go.

We got an excellent parking spot about 50 feet from the finish and 50 feet from the registration in the other direction, exactly what I wanted. I picked up my packet and my mom did her race day registration then we watched the one miler kick off at 8am. It was super motivating to watch these tiny kids powering through the mile and some of them at incredibly impressive times.

My mom and I went for a quick 10 minute jog about 15 minutes before the race started and then made our way over to hear the instruction and line up at the starting line.

I started my music and before I knew it the buzzer went off and I leapt off my feet. Despite my warm up mile, I went way too fast for the first half mile and kept slightly below a 9 minute pace. The second half of the first mile had a little bit more hills to it so my pace slowed down.

I'm in the foreground, chugging along

I’m in the foreground, chugging along

Then came the hills.

The second and third miles felt like they were filled with constant ups and downs. The second mile was filled with sharp inclines and declines and the third mile was filled with a nice stead ascent. Needless to say my pace slackened off and I was huffing and puffing to keep at the pace that I wanted. I knew though that it would all be over in 30 minutes. That’s all I had to hold on to, so I kept going.

My legs felt like cement bricks and my chest was tight. I wished the warmer weather had gotten into town a little bit earlier but instead the chilly morning left my legs feeling a little icy. Part of me felt like all my winter training was useless. What was the point of training so hard when I wasn’t even going to beat my last 5k time (spoiler: I did, but only by about 10 seconds). I tried to just treat it like a fun run and enjoy the weather, the run, the atmosphere. I almost let myself get caught up in the negativity. Then I thought about the fact that my last 5k race was on the flattest of flats and this race involved quite a few hills. I thought about the fact that no matter what the Beast was waiting at the end for me and we had an awesome day planned. I thought about how much fun it is to finally race and how a positive mindset was more important for this season than a PR.


Mom and I ore race posing for the camera

I rounded the last corner and picked up my legs to do a last all out sprint to the finish. I even missed the water bottle handoff when I initially came through the chute. I was elated. Race season has officialy begun and I am ready for it. I am ready to bring my positive attitude to the races and just give them my all.

Oh, and I ended up winning third in my age group. It may have been a technicality (considering there were only three people in my age group), but I am proud of my medal nonetheless. I may have worn it around for quite a bit of the day. Even though placing is not something normally within reach I appreciated being able to win something, and that my money went to help out high schoolers with scholarships. Mom ended up winning first in her age group, which was deserved at 26:41 in the 50-54 women’s group!


Me (left) Mom (middle and first in her age group!!!) Trish (right, overall women’s masters winner)


Mile 1 9:09

Mile 2 9:48

Mile 3 9:59

5k        29:35      9:33/mile pace

*These are approximate mile times from my memory


My support group, the Beast


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